How it works

Greenfleet is always looking for land in Australia and New Zealand that can support the growth of a native forest. For approved projects, we will fund planting and preparation costs through donations from our supporters.  

Here is what the process looks like following your initial enquiry: 

  1. Greenfleet will assess your site to ensure it meets requirements, including location and size (minimum 5 hectares or a strategic site environmentally). 
  2. If your land is suitable, we will undertake planning and project design in consultation with you.  
  3. A legal agreement (similar to a covenant) will be required on title to protect the forest for up to 100 years. Our team will coordinate this process for you. 
  4. Once design and planning are completed, Greenfleet will schedule the project, prepare the site and source native saplings or seeds.  
  5. Our revegetation team and contractors will undertake the planting and bring our own planting equipment (unless otherwise agreed). 
  6. Greenfleet then monitors the site until your new forest is established. 

As a landowner, you will become one of our valued stakeholders and will join a like-minded community of property owners taking practical climate action.

About our Carbon Agreements

To ensure that your forest removes carbon from the atmosphere and protects our climate long term, Greenfleet will establish an agreement with you which commits to maintaining the forest for up to 100 years. 

The agreement also specifies Greenfleet's rights to the carbon emissions sequestered by the forest over the period of the agreement. You will maintain full ownership of the land. We just claim the carbon emissions absorbed by the growing forest.     After an initial inspection of the property, our revegetation team will create maps that are fed into this formal agreement. Once you are happy to proceed with the project, it will be attached to the property title.  We will coordinate this process and answer any queries.  

Maintaining your forest

Greenfleet will work with you to establish a suitable maintenance program for the forest. We will conduct periodic site visits to monitor the survival of plantings and assess the need for any replanting.  

As the landowner, you will also be responsible for the on-going maintenance of the forest. Should any event occur that affects the planting, you will need to notify Greenfleet. We aim to ensure the success of your growing forest and will visit the site to assess and determine any remedial action required.     Greenfleet maintains a database of forests planted and, in conjunction with the landholders, takes responsibility for their on-going survival. We track and measure the survival, growth and carbon content of the forest to meet our supporter and government reporting requirements, and to evaluate your project’s environmental impact. This data is not sold or traded. 

Further information 

Please contact our revegetation team for further information and to get started! 

Phone: (+ 61 3) 9642 0570 

You can also download our landholders' fact sheet (PDF 1.70MB) [[link to fact sheet]]