Wedding favours 

Instead of traditional favours, give a lasting gift to the environment by planting a forest for your guests.


When you plant trees in replacement of traditional wedding favours, you are reducing waste and choosing a sustainable way to thank your guests.

This is an opportunity to show your care for the environment and celebrate your love with trees that will grow for years to come.

Contact the Greenfleet team so we can help you celebrate your special day by planting native trees.


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By doing this, you will also be directly supporting reforestation efforts, helping build habitat for native wildlife and taking critical climate action.

When you plant trees as wedding favours with Greenfleet, you will also receive customisable thank you cards (pictured) that explain the contribution you have made on behalf of your guests.





If you have any questions, 

you can call our team on 

(03) 9642 0570

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