5 ways to give sustainably this Christmas
Wednesday 9th of December 2020
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Close up of a Christmas tree sprig with golden lights and a note that reads "wish".

The festive season is well upon us and while we look forward to spending time with our loved ones, we also want to ensure that the impact on the Earth is minimised. No matter how you will be spending this Christmas, giving sustainably is a way that you can share your care for the environment while also celebrating with your loved ones.

We have compiled a list of 5 eco-friendly ways to give throughout this festive season.

1. Give an experience

Following a challenging year, giving a gift that will help create memories could be the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in 2020. Instead of giving something physical, consider offering your loved one an experience like a picnic in your favourite park or a hike in a forest.

2. Make someone’s year a little greener

Taking climate action and protecting our planet is more important than ever. You can give the gift of climate hope with Greenfleet’s annual offset, CarbonCover 365. Available as month-by-month or once-off purchase, Greenfleet will plant enough native trees to offset 23 tonnes of carbon – the amount an average person in Australia emits each year.

3. Give an eco-friendly gift

Tangible gifts are a tradition for many families and groups of friends and online stores like Flora and Fauna are dedicated to sourcing the most eco-friendly products they can find. You could consider a beginner’s seed kit for your friend who has developed a green thumb this year, or Eco Crayons for those who want to explore their creative side. As Greenfleet supporters, Flora and Fauna also offset their online deliveries through native reforestation so you can feel good about your purchase too.

4. Make a gift yourself

There is nothing like the sentiment of giving a handmade gift – especially when natural materials are involved! You could create handmade cards and by including elements of nature you are connecting with the world around you while connecting with your loved ones too.

5. Plant a tree to celebrate the season

To give a gift that keeps on growing, donate to Greenfleet to help plant native trees in a biodiverse forest. Protected for 100 years, these forests are growing to take climate action, restore biodiversity and help provide habitat to our precious wildlife. For as little as $10, you can help Greenfleet plant a native tree and when you give a Greenfleet gift, we can send you a certificate to acknowledge your contribution.

An eco-friendly Christmas is not only possible, it is also an opportunity to give meaningful gifts that contribute to a better world and grow climate hope. We hope you have a wonderful celebratory season filled with thoughtful gifts and quality time with those you love.