Before & After: Minjelha Dhagun
Thursday 19th of September 2019
Teaser image
Minjelha Dhagun

They say a picture can say a 1,000 words but in the picture of our growing forest at Minjelha Dhagun you can see 90,000 native trees!

It has now been 14 years since we first started planting on this site. Between 2005 and 2008 Greenfleet revegetated Minjelha Dhagun land at the base of Mount Barney in Queensland. While these trees are vital in taking climate action, they are also providing bush tucker and forest management experience for the local indigenous community. As a result, there are many benefits that are part of this revegetation program.

The area is also home to the Glossy Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami). Listed as vulnerable in Queensland and considered endangered at a national level, these birds are being provided vital habitat by these trees. Because of this, Greenfleet and the Yugambeh people made sure to include Forest Sheoak (Allocasuarina torulosa) in the planting component of the forest. It is the seeds of this tree (pictured) that the birds need to feed on.  

Now that the forest has been growing for over a decade, the locals have been able to witness the transformation of the area from barren land to a biodiverse forest with native birds, wallabies and koalas.

"It's always been the dream of the people who own this land to heal it, if you like, bring it back as much as possible to what it was before European settlement," said Scotty Hunter, manager of the property.

"Before we got the land there was only grass and hardly a tree on this place as it was a cattle grazing area. Now we have birds and wallabies again and you also see koalas," he added.

Over its lifetime, this forest will capture nearly 60,000 tonnes of carbon (CO2-e) from the atmosphere. This is similar to offsetting one years worth of emissions from 350 Australian family homes.

We will continue to monitor this site and others via satellite as you can see below.


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