A before and after look at Elanda Point, QLD
Wednesday 4th of March 2020
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Elanda Point

What do you get when you plant 164,000 trees and wait more than 15 years? You can see the answer in our forest at Elanda Point in QLD.

This forest was first planted in 2003 it will grow to capture more than 46,000 tonnes of CO2-e over it's lifetime. This is like removing nearly 10,700 average sized cars from the road for a whole year.

Clearly, this is an incredible amount of climate action but this forest will do so much more; providing habitat for wildlife in the area, restoring ecosystems and increasing overall biodiversity.

Located near Lake Cootharaba, this area is a favourite place for hiking, camping and canoeing in Queensland. Birds that can be found in the area include the Noisy Friarbird and Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo.  

See the transformation below. You can join us in taking critical climate action by offsetting your emissions.


Elanda Point before and after