CarbonCover 365 – offset your annual carbon footprint
Wednesday 30th of October 2019
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CarbonCover 365 – offset your annual carbon footprint

Greenfleet's latest and most comprehensive carbon offset is CarbonCover 365, which covers the next 12 months of your life.

Right now, there is a critical need to take action on climate change and we all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet.

While you may already be offsetting your car, have solar panels on your roof and be consciously reducing your waste, there are still barriers to implementing a fully carbon free life. For example, electric vehicles are expensive, air travel can be unavoidable and public transport isn’t always convenient.

The fact is, completely reducing your carbon footprint isn’t easy. Especially when we take into account factors such as the construction of the buildings we live and work in, the production of the food we eat, and ultimately the air we breathe - there will always be some emissions that remain unavoidable.

Partnering with Melbourne University’s Energy Transition Hub, Greenfleet has calculated the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the average person living in Australia over the course of one year. CarbonCover 365 is a quick and simple solution. It allows you to offset the next 12 months of your life.

CarbonCover 365: The details

  • Your annual offset will cover 23 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents) - this is the average amount of carbon emitted for each person in Australia
  • For a dollar a day, you can rest assured that your climate action is helping grow native forests in Australia 
  • It will also include a global citizen contribution.  

In addition, Greenfleet will ensure:

  • The trees planted to offset your emissions are legally protected for up to 100 years
  • They will grow in a forest that will become a native, biodiverse ecosystem that is providing habitat for native species
  • If the trees are damaged by natural disasters such as fire, floods and drought, or browsing by animals such as rabbits or deer, we will replace them or replant in another area.  

23 tonnes per person in Australia – what about our neighbours?

Climate change is not just a national issue. In fact, we have a shared responsibility to support communities overseas. With CarbonCover 365, Greenfleet has a strong commitment to doing exactly this; it includes a global citizen contribution to an aligned organisation that is doing similar work in our region.

CarbonCover 365 will help you to take meaningful and immediate climate action. It will allow you to cover your own emissions (or do so as a gift for a friend!). You will be joining a like minded group of people taking practical action against climate change and growing climate hope for our future.

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