Over 5,700 trees planted at Plenty Gorge
Friday 23rd of August 2019
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Plenty Gorge

On Sunday 18 August, Greenfleet welcomed over 60 environmentally conscious supporters to help us fight climate change by planting almost 5,800 trees at Plenty Gorge Park. 

Supporters from all over Melbourne came to take part in the Plenty Gorge revegetation project and we couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated group of like-minded people to join us on a sunny Sunday morning. 

In conjunction with Parks Victoria, Greenfleet will be planting a total of 14,000 trees in August, with nearly half of the trees planted by our generous volunteers. 

The trees were selected as they are Australian natives that are endemic to the area. This means that they will grow into a biodiverse forest that will have many benefits including capturing carbon emissions, creating habitat for the local wildlife and reducing soil erosion. Some of the tree species planted include Melbourne Yellow Gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon), Sweet Bursaria (Bursaria spinosa), Hedge Wattle (Acacia paradoxa), Tree Everlasting (Ozothamnus ferrugineus) and many more.

Plenty Gorge Park is already home to a wide range of animal species and as the trees grow, they will extend habitat for local wildlife. This will include native birds such as the endangered Regent Honeyeater, the Grey Goshawk, Speckled Warbler, Swift Parrott and Brown Treecreeper.

An added benefit of days like this is the opportunity for Greenfleet to meet with our supporters and show firsthand the work that we do. New Greenfleet supporter, Pippa mentioned how much she enjoyed the event and having the opportunity to take steps to help the environment. “It’s going to be so cool to come back and see what the place looks like in 10 years,” said Pippa. 

We also spoke to passionate Greenfleet supporter Sue Featherstone who said, “reforestation is so important for our country at the moment and planting trees seems like one of the most important things we can do. It feels fantastic to be making a tangible difference in the community and ultimately, for our climate”. 

Greenfleet CEO, Wayne Wescott participated in the planting day and was thrilled with the turnout.

“It was great to meet our local supporters and take climate action together. It was a fantastic effort by all getting over 5,700 trees into the ground just before the rain hit. The Plenty Gorge revegetation project is an exciting initiative and we are very proud to contribute to restoration and protection of the local environment” said Wayne.

We’re incredibly grateful for the support we receive and proud of the work that was completed last weekend. We hope to continue taking critical climate action with our supporters and growing biodiverse forests throughout Australia.

When all 14,000 trees are planted at Plenty Gorge, they will grow into a native forest which over its lifetime will sequester more than 6,700 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Using the FullCAM model, this is similar to capturing a year worth of emissions of 1,500 average sized cars. 

This is one of multiple projects that Greenfleet and Parks Victoria are currently working on together, with 3,000 trees recently planted in Lake Connewarre Reserve near Geelong.  Plenty Gorge Plenty Gorge Plenty Gorge