Then and now: Police Paddocks, VIC
Thursday 6th of February 2020
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Police Paddocks

Police Paddocks is located near Dandenong in Victoria, about an hour from the Melbourne CBD. In partnership with Parks Victoria, Greenfleet planted about 17,600 native trees on the reserve in 2009 to assist in revegetating the area and create habitat for the local wildlife. More than 10 years later, you can see the incredible transformation that has occurred.

The trees were sourced and planted as seedlings for this project. With a focus on increasing the reserve's biodiversity, the some of the species we chose included Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii), Hop Goodenia (Goodenia ovata) and Swamp Paperbark (Melaleuca ericifolia) as well as a number of eucalypt species.

Some of the wildlife that are benefiting from the reforestation efforts include kangaroos and many native birds that are beginning to call the trees home. 

Over their lifetime, the trees will capture nearly 8,000 tonnes of carbon emission equivalents (CO2-e) from the atmosphere. This is comparable to removing the emissions from 1,859 medium cars from the road for a year! Projects such as these are funded by our supporters offsetting the emissions associated with their vehicles, travel and households - you can offset your emissions for 2020 by following this link.

See how the trees are growing and the difference between 2009 and now.  

Police paddocks before Police paddocks after