Anam Talamh: building habitat near Byron Bay
Friday 7th of August 2020
Teaser image
Anam Talamh prior to planting. An aerial photo showing trees on the property.

Taking climate action is generally our top priority when it comes to revegetating land in Australia and New Zealand. That is no different at this forest growing not far from Byron Bay where we're also hoping to see the return of wildlife and increase the overall productivity of the land.

With koalas being classified as vulnerable in NSW, the trees being planted at this site will grow to extend their habitat.

Planting has been completed for this year with more than 26,000 native trees already planted across the property. However, this project isn't finished yet. We will be returning in 2021 to plant more native trees and over the next couple of years, all the wetland and unused parts of the property will be revegetated.

The species planted include some eucalypt and endangered rainforest species all of which are native and endemic to the area. In total, 60 native species will be planted through this project to create a biodiverse forest across the property. Some of these species include Tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys), River Sheoak (Casuarina cunninghamiana) and Weeping Bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis)