Greenfleet 2030

In 2022 Greenfleet celebrated 25 years of taking climate action.  As we look to our future, the need to grow hope for our climate is as great as it’s ever been. Greenfleet 2030 is an ambitious strategy, which sets our course to the end of the decade.  

"Towards 2030, Greenfleet will be growing our forests at a massive scale, and because we protect our forests for up to 100 years, the benefits will continue right across the century."

Wayne Wescott, Greenfleet CEO

Our 2030 Goals: 

  1. Growing   -  Sequester 10 million tonnes of carbon cumulatively by 2030.  
  2. Protecting  -  Restore another 250 forests and ensure their integrity for up to 100 years.   
  3. Evolving  - Ensure that Greenfleet is a sustainable climate action organisation for everyone who underpins our success 
  4. Engaging  - Increase our supporter network by 12% annually in both volume and engagement.   
  5. Exploring  - Seek out and evaluate innovative opportunities.   
  6. Partnering  - Work with others to deliver multiple elements of climate action.  

We look forward to working with our staff and Board, partners, local communities and Traditional Owners, and all of our supporters to achieve these goals

"The urgency to address emissions is significant. The Board of Greenfleet has worked hard with staff to develop a strategy that significantly ramps up our efforts to provide practical options to sequester carbon that restores ecosystems. The 2030 strategy ambitiously looks to grow our impact by 15% per year, supporting ecosystem restoration, Indigenous engagement and staff wellbeing."

Dr Dominique Hes, Chair of the Board of Greenfleet