Greenfleet's Upcoming Projects For 2024

Each year, Greenfleet delivers climate action by restoring legally protected native forests through multiple, large-scale revegetation projects in Australia and New Zealand. Since 1997, we have planted 10.8 million native trees and restored 550 native forests that will remove over 4.9 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere as they grow.

Some of our upcoming projects are included below to demonstrate the work Greenfleet is delivering on behalf of our supporters. You can explore some of our more established reforestation sites via our interactive map here.

Ivory Flat, QLD

Yuggera Country 

While delivering climate action, the forest growing at Ivory Flat will improve connectivity along Ivory Creek in the Brisbane River Catchment. 

This project will extend habitat for koalas and Grey Headed Flying Foxes, two species that are endangered in Queensland. The reforestation work will also improve water quality and deliver other far reaching environmental benefits.   

Ledcourt, VIC

Jardwadjali & Djabwurung Country 

This site is adjacent to the northern part of the Grampians National Park in Victoria. Previously cleared for sheep and cattle grazing, it will now be restored to protected native forest. With some remnant native vegetation already present on the site, Greenfleet will work to restore the cleared areas and bolster the existing ecosystems with ground cover species.   

In total, up to 100 hectares will be revegetated at this site to conserve biodiversity and extend habitat for native wildlife. The property adjoins Mount William Creek, which is home to platypus, and other wildlife species known to the region include kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and emus.    

Jumbuk, VIC

Kurnai Country 

This site is located in Gippsland, Victoria where Greenfleet is helping build habitat for koalas and the White-throated Needletail, a bird classified as vulnerable in the state. Other species that will benefit from this native forest include the Long-nosed Bandicoot, Gang-gang Cockatoo, and the Greater Glider which is classified as endangered.   

This project will deliver climate action by removing carbon from the atmosphere, while helping bolster existing native ecosystems existing on the site. The revegetation will help provide habitat linkage with the Morwell National Park and Strzelecki State Forest.     

Mt Emily, VIC

Boon Wurrung Country 

Mt Emily is made up of about 60 hectares that abut the Northeastern perimeter of Wurneet Laang Laang and forms part of Greenfleet’s Strzelecki Nature Link. This property is part of the upper catchment of the Lang Lang river.   

Located within the Strzelecki Ranges, it is comprised of steep hills with incised valleys. This area originally hosted the Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC) of Damp Forest and Wet Forest. These ecosystems are dominated by towering Eucalypt species that can grow over 30 metres tall.   

Greenfleet’s revegetation work will begin at Mt Emily in 2024 and aims to restore the local vegetation types that will extend the habitat already growing at Wurneet Laang Laang. 

Back O'Slaters, NSW

Gundungurra & Dharug Country 

Demonstrating Greenfleet’s long term approach to native reforestation and climate action, we will return to Back O’Slaters in 2024 after first planting here in 2017. This project is bolstering biodiversity in the Southern Tablelands and delivering climate action.   

The property, which was once used for pine planting, is now growing a legally protected native forest. In 2024, Greenfleet will make a further environmental impact being by extending this forest and replanting some areas that have been bushfire affected.  

Territory, VIC

Boon Wurrung Country 

Territory is an 80-hectare piece of land with the Northwest part of the property bordering Wurneet Laang Laang and forms part of Greenfleet’s Strzelecki Nature Link.   

With frontage to the Lang Lang River, revegetation of this property will help enhance water quality and create a contiguous habitat corridor stretching from the river to the tallest peak in the area.    

Greenfleet will begin revegetating this property in 2024 with a focus on planting riparian and wet forest species to help restore the forest that existed before the land was cleared.  

Wooden Hut, QLD

Waka Waka & Barunggam Country 

Located about 2 hours north of Toowoomba, the project called Wooden Hut in Wattle Grove will see the revegetation of more than 80 hectares of cleared land. Previously used for plantation planting and agriculture, it will now be returned to native forest that will be legally protected.  

As it establishes, this forest will provide potential habitat for known species in the region including koalas, Grey-headed Flying Foxes and Greater Gliders which can be found in the region.  

River Bend

Ngunawal Country

Located North of the Namadgi National Park, River Bend is being restored to deliver climate action, reduce soil erosion and build habitat for wildlife. In 2024, Greenfleet will restore over 20 hectares of this site to legally protected native forest after the area was over cleared for farming and agriculture. There are areas of remnant vegetation on the property and by restoring native trees and plants, we will extend these forests and the habitat they provide.