Offset Your Carbon Emissions

We must all reduce our carbon footprint and offset the emissions we can’t avoid.  

Greenfleet enables you to take climate action by offsetting your carbon emissions.

You can offset most carbon emitting activities including:

Your support will enable our native reforestation work. We’ll plant enough native trees to capture the carbon emissions you offset, over their lifetime.

Take Climate Action

  • Why Offset

    When you offset your carbon emissions with Greenfleet, we plant legally protected native forests on your behalf to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

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  • Reduce Your Emissions

    At Greenfleet, we believe that we should all reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible.

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  • CarbonCover 365

    Greenfleet can support your business journey to be carbon neutral.

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  • Milestone Forests

    Greenfleet offers a unique way to grow a native forest to celebrate your organisation.

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  • Give A Greenfleet Gift

    Give environmentally-friendly gifts to help plant native trees and reduce the impacts of climate change. 

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  • Wills And Bequests

    A workplace giving program gives you and your employees the opportunity to share your commitment to climate action and the environment. 

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