Offset Your Car Emissions With Greenfleet

When you offset your car emissions with Greenfleet, we’ll plant native trees in a legally protected biodiverse forest to capture these emissions on your behalf.  

Greenfleet has delivered climate action on behalf of our supporters for over 25 years. We've planted 10.8 million native trees and created over 550 forests in Australia.

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Greenfleet forest Battery Creek before planting and then after 12 years of forest growth

Why Offset Your Vehicle Emissions

It is important that we all reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible through our purchase decisions, life and travel choices. However, offsetting is an effective way to manage the emissions that cannot be avoided. 

When you drive your car, the petrol and diesel fuel it uses releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. While electric and hybrid vehicles don't use these fuels, they still have emission impacts which can be offset.

Offsetting your vehicle’s emissions through native forest revegetation is a cost-effective way to reduce your environmental impact and make a difference for our planet.  

Why Offset With Greenfleet

Greenfleet is a 25-year-old not-for-profit organisation that delivers climate action on behalf of our supporters.

  • Greenfleet plants native forests in Australia and New Zealand that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Greenfleet forests restore native ecosystems, build habitat, and conserve biodiversity.
  • Greenfleet’s forests are legally protected for up to 100 years, so will deliver sustainable and long-term climate action for decades to come.
  • Greenfleet has thorough verification processes in place for all of our carbon offsetting projects including verification by EY and auditing by Pitcher Partners.

As an environmental not-for-profit organisation, offsetting with Greenfleet is tax deductible in Australia.

Should I Buy A Hybrid Or Electric Car Instead Of Offsetting?  

Driving an electric or hybrid vehicle can reduce the emissions associated with transport, but isn't the only way to reduce your carbon footprint. Minimise your impact on the environment right now by offsetting your existing car.

When purchasing new cars, we encourage people to consider models that have a lower impact on the environment.  

While electric and hybrid cars produce fewer carbon emissions than petrol and diesel cars, there are still emissions associated with their production and running. This is why it costs less to offset these vehicles than petrol and diesel driven cars. 

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Thank you for offsetting your car emissions and growing climate hope with Greenfleet.