Take Climate Action & Restore Wildlife Habitat

Greenfleet plants legally protected native forests in Australia and New Zealand to deliver climate action, create habitat for koalas and other native wildlife, and help conserve biodiversity.

Donating to Greenfleet supports our native reforestation work and is a practical way you can make a difference for our planet.

Greenfleet is a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation. All donations and offsets of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Donate Now


Donate Monthly

By donating to Greenfleet on a monthly basis, you can take climate action and help restore wildlife habitat year-round.

Your monthly donation will go directly towards supporting Greenfleet’s revegetation projects that are providing critical habitat to species such as koalas and gliders.

Your support will also help restore forests that draw down on carbon in the atmosphere and help improve the quality of our soils and water. Your monthly recurring donation is completely tax deductible.

Why Donate To Greenfleet

When you donate to Greenfleet you are helping us restore legally protected, biodiverse native forests in Australia and New Zealand.

Forests planted by Greenfleet are protected for up to 100 years, remove carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil quality, and restore biodiversity. By supporting our work you are growing climate hope now and for future generations.

Greenfleet is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation within Australia, so donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Donate To Restore Koala Habitat

Greenfleet has been planting legally protected habitat for koalas and other native wildlife for over 25 years. Our reforestation projects in 2023 include 493 hectares of new koala habitat, that will be legally protected through the rest of this century. Since 2021, we have restored nearly 1,000 hectares back to native forest that will provide food and homes to these iconic animals.

Your donation can help save and protect our precious koalas and other native wildlife.