Give A Gift With Purpose

When you donate or offset with Greenfleet on someone's behalf, you are giving an environmentally-friendly gift. Your support will help plant native trees and reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

Just let us know when you checkout that the purchase is a gift and we will email you a Gift Certificate which shows your support of our climate and environment.

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, a wedding, Mother's or Father's Day, or just to say thanks, the gift of climate action suits every occasion.

Give a Greenfleet gift today

  • Offset Carbon Emissions As A Gift

    Whether it's offsetting a loved one's carbon footprint with CarbonCover, or their car or flights, simply tick Gift and enter the receipients details at checkout to receive a gift certificate for them.

    Offset now
  • Donate As A Gift

    Donate to plant trees and create wildlife habitat on behalf of your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Simply tick Gift and enter the receipients details at checkout to receive a gift certificate for them.

    Donate now

Give A Milestone Forest

With a Milestone Forest, we can plant a native forest to help you pay tribute to life’s special moments.

Greenfleet supporters have established Milestone Forests for a variety of heartfelt reasons such as wedding gift registries, birthday presents, in memory of a loved one or celebrating new life. 

Gifting In Memoriam

By making a bequest to Greenfleet, tangible climate action becomes part of your legacy. Your donation will enable us to continue planting native biodiverse forests that protect our climate.

At Greenfleet, we want the next generation to experience the wonders of our forests and your help can make this happen.

If you leave a bequest to Greenfleet, we sincerely thank you for your generous support. No matter how large or small, your bequest will help us continue restoring Australia's forests and creating a better, greener future for everyone.

Together, we can grow our forests and grow climate hope.

Green Wedding Favours

Give a lasting gift to the environment by planting native trees for your wedding guests.

When you plant trees in replacement of traditional wedding favours, you are reducing waste and choosing a sustainable way to thank your loved ones. Show your care for the environment and celebrate your love with trees that will grow for years to come.

You will directly support Greenfleet's reforestation efforts, help build habitat for native wildlife and take critical climate action.

When you plant trees as wedding favours with Greenfleet, you will also receive customisable thank you cards that explain the contribution you have made on behalf of your guests.