Make your wedding sustainable and eco-friendly with Greenfleet. Whether you want to thank your guests in a sustainable way or use the occasion to take climate action, we have several ways you can make your wedding perfectly sustainable.  

Offset Wedding Guests’ Emissions 

You can choose to offset the attendance of your guests through native reforestation. As a guide, this covers offsetting their travel to and from the event, general food consumption and electricity use on the day. This option is $2 per guest.  


Plant A Tree On Behalf Of Your Guests 

You can choose to ‘plant a tree’ for each guest which costs $10 per guest. We will arrange for our Revegetation Team to plant a nominated number of native trees in a legally protected Greenfleet forest on behalf of your wedding guests. You will also receive customisable thank you cards that explain the contribution you have made on your guests’ behalf. 


Plant A Wedding Forest 

You can choose to have a ‘Milestone Forest’ planted in honour of your day. This means that Greenfleet would revegetate 0.1 hectares of land (about the size of 5 tennis courts) with native trees. This option is $2,000 and you will receive a certificate to recognise your contribution and we will keep you updated annual on the progress of the native forest as it grows. 

Whichever option you choose, we can send you a digital thank you card that you can send your guests or have printed for the day. When you receive it, it will also be editable so that you can add your names and the date of your wedding.  

To find out more, please contact our team or call (03) 9642 0570.