Grow a company forest

With Greenfleet, you can invest in a Company Forest that makes a significant contribution to our environment.  

Greenfleet offers a unique way to grow a native forest on behalf of your organisation. The establishment of a Company Forest serves to make a significant impact towards protecting our environment, restoring biodiverse ecosystems, and re-connecting habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species.  

Many of our corporate supporters, including GPT, Servcorp, Plyroom, Hill Smith Family Estate, MyDeal, Grill'd, Stockwell International and Grace Worldwide are growing their own organisations' forest with Greenfleet.

The forest your organisation establishes will be legally protected for 100 years allowing it to grow into a self-sustaining ecosystem that will thrive beyond this century.  

We can help you communicate the environmental investment made with your Company Forest to your team, clients, customers, and networks.  

Where your company forest will be planted

Your Company Forest will be planted at a site on Djaara Country called Ngulambarra. Located in Central Victoria, this important project forms part of the Wychitella Biolink. 

By helping to restore this previously cleared landscape, your organisation will help Greenfleet create vegetation links across this Country. By planting native trees and grasses habitat is being built for many of the local wildlife species including Lace Monitors, Quolls, the vulnerable Mallee Fowl, and many other native bird species. 

Greenfleet’s speciality Revegetation Team closely monitors the growth of the forest as well as the return of wildlife to the area. In 2023, additional work will occur at Ngulambarra restoring rare and threatened plant species in some areas of the property. 

By growing a Milestone Forest on behalf of your company, you will leave a long-lasting legacy and enable the critical work at Ngulambarra to continue.  

The Grill'd Forests

Grill’d is always pushing to do right by the environment and create a better future, one delicious burger at a time.

Grill’d has partnered with Greenfleet since 2021 to grow Grill’d Forests at Ngulambarra.  

On Tuesdays, every burger purchased by their Relish Members dining in goes toward planting the trees that will grow into the Grill’d forests, guaranteed to be protected for 100 years.

Along with their Relish Members, Grill’d has now planted 10 Grill’d Forests and restored over 11 hectares to legally protected native forest that will grow beyond this century.  

How you can plant a Company forest

By investing in a company forest, organisations have the opportunity to celebrate achievements while providing long-lasting ecological benefits to Australian landscapes and wildlife.  

You can choose how much land you would like to restore. Revegetating one hectare of land, is approximately half the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  

You will receive a personalised certificate recognising your contribution and we can help you develop communications to share the impact you are making with your networks.