Reduce Your Business Carbon Footprint

Greenfleet is Australia's first carbon offset provider and a leading environmental not-for-profit organisation that plants native biodiverse forests to help fight the impacts of climate change. 

Since 1997 we have planted over 10.8 million native trees across more than 550 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand. Our forests are legally protected for up to 100 years.

We work with thousands of businesses and organisations including Telstra, Europcar, Sydney Opera House, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Climate Council and Grill'd.

Greenfleet offers a simple and effective way to make your business greener.

If you want to discuss how we can work with your organisation to take action on climate change and the environment, contact our Partnerships team today on +61 3 9642 0570 or

* As Greenfleet is a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation, donations and offsets of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Make Your Business Greener

It is critical for businesses to take the lead on reducing their environmental impact.  

Every organisation can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint such as minimising waste, recycling and choosing sustainable procurement practices.  

Greenfleet can help you offset the carbon emissions you can’t avoid, by planting native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand on your behalf.

Achieve your sustainability objectives and demonstrate to your staff, clients, customers and suppliers that you are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by working with Greenfleet today.

Offset Your Business Carbon Footprint

Greenfleet enables you to take climate action by offsetting your carbon emissions. We can tailor a solution specifically for your business to reduce its carbon footprint.

You can offset most carbon emitting activities including:

Your support will enable our native reforestation work. We’ll plant enough native trees to capture the carbon emissions you offset, over their lifetime.

Taking climate action with Greenfleet is simple.

Start today by offsetting your business emissions below, or contact us to discuss your business needs in detail.

Thanks to the hundreds of businesses, organisations and government agencies who are taking climate action with us. 

Greenfleet has a wide range of partners from all industry sectors, including some of Australia’s largest companies, universities, local government and small businesses, many of whom are leading the way on responsible business practices and climate action.

Other Ways To Help Grow Native Forests

  • Create A Company Forest

    Greenfleet offers a unique way to grow a native forest to celebrate your organisation.

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  • Workplace Giving

    A workplace giving program gives you and your employees the opportunity to share your commitment to climate action and the environment. 

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