Reduce Your Emissions & Carbon Footprint

Carbon emissions are a reality of many everyday activities. The energy we use at work and home, driving our cars, travelling, and the food we eat all produce emissions and contribute to our carbon footprints. 

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon that an individual produces. The less carbon emitted, the smaller your footprint becomes. By reducing our carbon footprints, we can actively minimise the negative impact being made on our climate and environment.  

At Greenfleet, we believe that carbon emissions should be reduced as much as possible. In the transition to a low carbon economy, offsetting provides a solution for the emissions that cannot currently be avoided.  

There are ways we can all reduce the carbon emissions produced as a result of how we work, live, and travel.  

  1. Reduce car travel by taking public transport, cycling, or walking. 
  2. Travel and holiday locally instead of flying overseas. 
  3. Eat local produce and increase consumption of fruit and vegetables. 
  4. Source green power at home and investigate installing solar panels. 
  5. Minimise waste and incorporate recycling and composting practices in the household. 

Read some more detailed ways to reduce your emissions below and learn more offsetting with Greenfleet here.  

How To Reduce Your Emissions

  • Reduce Car Travel

    According to the National Transport Commission, car travel accounts for approximately 18% of Australia’s total emissions. Reducing the amount of time spent in your car can help lessen your carbon footprint.  

    Alternatives to driving include catching public transport, walking, riding a bike, carpooling or rideshare options. However, in some instances it simply isn’t possible to reduce the use of a car.  

    You can offset your vehicle for 12 months with Greenfleet. When you offset your car, we will plant enough native trees to remove your emissions over their lifetime.  

    Take climate action with us today. Offset here.  

  • Holiday Locally

    There are many reasons that people need to travel, for work, leisure or to see family. While you can choose to holiday locally, air travel remains a necessity for many people, for several reasons.  

    Offset your domestic and international flight emissions with Greenfleet to support the restoration of Australia’s native forests and help manage your carbon footprint. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure you’re reducing the negative environmental impact of air travel. Offset here 

  • Buy Local & Sustainable Produce

    By eating locally grown and produced food, you will support local businesses and reduce the “travel miles” associated with your diet. Utilise farmers markets, eat seasonally, and increase the number of plant-based foods in your diet.  

    Where possible, source produce from sustainable farms that focus on regenerative agriculture. For example, Glendalough Farm is focused on sustainable farming and climate action.  

  • Green Power

    Relying on renewable energy sources such as solar power can significantly reduce the emissions associated with powering your home. This isn’t possible for all households, particularly as the installation costs can be prohibitive, and it’s often out of the control of people who are renting. 

    Utilising green power companies that are moving away from fossil fuel use is another way that you can reduce your emissions. The process of changing your power company is generally quite simple and this can help put pressure on power companies to move away from non-renewable energy sources.  

    To reduce the emissions produced by your household, you can take climate action with Greenfleet. Offset your household emissions and help deliver climate action. Offset here.

  • Reuse & Recycle

    While your daily coffee may not seem like a huge environmental issue, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water estimates that Australia uses 1 billion disposable coffee cups every year. 

    By choosing reusable cups, bags, and water bottles, and integrating thorough recycling and waste management systems in your home, you can actively help reduce the environmental impact of your household.  

    There are many ways we can all reduce our carbon footprint. However as we transition to a local carbon economy, emissions will remain an inevitable part of lives. Offsetting with Greenfleet gives a way to reduce your footprint while making a genuinely positive impact on our environment.

    Join the fight against climate change by offsetting your emissions today. You can offset your next 12 months for $1 a day with our most comprehensive offset, CarbonCover