CarbonCover 365 (20.3 tonnes of CO2-e)


CarbonCover 365 offers a simple and effective way for you to take practical climate action, restore native forests and grow habitat for our precious native wildlife for just $1 per day. 

How CarbonCover 365 works

  • CarbonCover 365 is a one-off yearly payment of $365 to reduce your carbon footprint, which equates to just $1 a day. 
  • Your annual offset covers 20.3 tonnes of CO2-e, the average amount of carbon emitted by each person in Australia each year.
  • For $1 a day you are helping grow legally protected native forests in Australia, which capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, restore habitat for precious wildlife and increase biodiversity.
  • No need to offset flights, your car or other carbon emissions separately, all are offset in one simple step.

The research underpinning the development of the offset calculator was peer reviewed by staff of the Energy Transition Hub at the University of Melbourne.

Greenfleet is a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation, so offsets and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.