Meet the Greenfleet Board

The Greenfleet Board is composed of leaders from a wide variety of academic, commercial and sustainability backgrounds.

This broad experience helps ensure Greenfleet remains a purpose-driven, sustainable organisation that continues to take effective action on climate change.

  • Dominique Hes, Chair

    Dominique received a science degree in Botany from Melbourne University and followed this with a Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Cleaner Production) and a Doctorate in Architecture 2005 from RMIT University, Melbourne. 

    Her key research questions are: 'why, when we have been 'doing' sustainability for so long, are we having an ever-increasing impact?', 'People create such beauty with music, food, art, buildings and community why is it so difficult to be a thriving part of the earth's systems?' and 'How can the built environment be part of this thriving?' As such she has looked at biomimicry, biophilia, regenerative design, permaculture, regenerative and positive development. This resulted in the publication of the award-winning book 'Designing for Hope: Pathways to Regenerative Sustainability', co-authored with Professor Chrisna du Plessis. Her continued research centres on how to create a built environment that is good for people and nature. 

    Dominique became the Chair of Greenfleet's Board of Directors in April 2021.

  • Gary Wertheimer, Deputy Chair

    Gary Wertheimer has extensive experience in the sustainability sector, including across carbon reduction and sequestration projects.

    He has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Science in Renewable Energy and Architecture. Since 2007, Gary has been Director of GIW Environmental Solutions leading international teams in Australia, Canada and the Maldives.

    Gary brings board experience across areas including statutory planning, regulatory compliance, master planning and sustainability consulting to his role as Greenfleet Board Director.

  • Belinda Hudson, Director

    Belinda Hudson is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has a passion for working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them grow. 

    After completing her Bachelor of Accounting, Belinda gained a wealth of experience across different financial positions. Belinda works at William Buck where she is currently a Director specialising in compliance & advisory work within the health services industry and not for profit industries.  She has held a previous Board position with a Not for Profit Association.

    She has extensive knowledge in taxation and accounting and finds great satisfaction in working with clients to grow their businesses and wealth. 

  • Jenica Brooke, Director

    Jenica Brooke is a Chartered Accountant with deep experience in financial governance and risk management. After completing a double Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Commerce, Jenica has worked across many organisations within the aviation, travel and eCommerce industries. 

    Since 2020, Jenica has worked as a senior finance advisor at the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and has Board experience within both not-for-profit and for-profit organisations. 

    Along with her experience, Jenica has a passion for sustainability and the environment and is committed to delivering good governance and integrity in business decision making.   

  • Julia Scott, Director

    Julia has over 20 years’ experience in media, communications, and journalism and brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as Director of Greenfleet’s Board.

    Having worked across a number of public sector organisations including the ABC and universities, Julia is currently Director of Communications, Media and Marketing for the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, leading communications and marketing for Victorian initiatives including investments in employment, digital infrastructure and medical research.

    Julia is passionate about working toward a positive future and using her skills to lead strategic initiatives for purposeful organisations.  

  • Jorge Chapa, Director

    Jorge Chapa is the Chief Impact Officer at the Green Building Council of Australia. Through this role, Jorge aims to deliver healthy, resilient, and positive places for people and nature. 

    With over 8 years of Board and Governance experience, Jorge brings a wealth of knowledge from many areas including ESG reporting, sustainable finance, sustainable design, and social equity to his role as Director on the Greenfleet Board.

    Jorge has a degree in architecture from the University of Monterrey in Mexico and a Master’s in Design Science from the University of Sydney.

  • Carole Alt, Director

    Carole Alt is a governance consultant and non-executive director. Her strengths are corporate governance, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and strategy.  

    Carole has a background in banking, governance and health. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.  

    Her current roles include facilitator at the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) and on risk frameworks, board performance and good governance, as well as the Effective Director Course. Some of her achievements include establishing and maintaining corporate governance frameworks, bringing to life potentially dry topics like risk and compliance and facilitating diverse groups of humans to innovate and achieve strategic outcomes.

    With a strategic ESG focus, Carole brings extensive corporate governance experience to Greenfleet’s Board.

  • Graham Ross, Director

    Graham Ross has over 30 years of experience in the commercial property sector with a strong focus on sustainability. Since then, Graham has become active within the not-for-profit space, forming and working with several advocacy groups.

    Graham has a personal and professional interest in native revegetation. He has been involved in a number of reforestation initiatives in Victoria, plus working with multiple stakeholders towards establishing a Strategic Plan for the Gardiners Creek Catchment.

    With a wealth of experience across sustainability, land management, and real estate, Graham brings a unique perspective to his role on Greenfleet’s voluntary board of directors.

  • Amanda Cornwall, Director

    Amanda is a lawyer and governance consultant with 30 years of experience across commercial, community and government sectors.

    She has led state and national level government policy on carbon markets and related biodiversity and water markets. As a member of Planning Panel Victoria, she’s advised the Minister for Planning on policy and conditions for major projects such as wind and solar farms. She currently supports boards with strategic planning and provides training in business writing, governance and leadership.

    Throughout her career, Amanda has worked in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She brings her experience across government and not-for-profit boards in the environment, health, housing and arts sectors to Greenfleet.

    Amanda has a Bachelor of Laws and Masters of Administrative Law and Policy. She is Churchill Fellow and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.