Fundraise for us

Help plant native forests by fundraising for Greenfleet

We believe change, like our forests, grows from the ground up. You can make a difference to our environment your own way by fundraising for us, whether it’s a morning tea, crowdfunding campaign, fun run or special event.  

Follow the steps below to get started, and thank you for making a difference! 

Online fundraising made easy

Greenfleet is registered with online fundraising platform Good Company which is designed to make donating secure, easy and fun. 

You can be sponsored for a personal challenge such as a fun run, request donations for a special celebration, or raise funds in tribute to a loved one. 

Fundraising ideas and tips

Promoting your activity widely will help make it a success.

When you do, please keep in mind that the event or activity is not an official Greenfleet activity. We suggest using the words “Proudly supporting Greenfleet”. Authorisation to use the Greenfleet logo may be granted on special request.  

We’d love to hear about your fundraising efforts and thank you personally, so please get in touch. Thank you for supporting Greenfleet and helping grow climate hope.

Guidelines on fundraising for Greenfleet

1.    The Fundraiser must meet the requirements of relevant Australian and state laws and regulations. For instance, if you plan to raise more than $10,000 in Victoria you need to register as a fundraiser with the Consumer Affairs Victoria (

2.    For more information visit the ATO’s website: state,-territory-and-local-government-requirements/ It is a legal requirement in many states for an organisation intending to fundraise for charitable purposes to hold an authority to fundraise.

3.    Prior to starting the fundraising promotion, make sure to submit an application form for Authority to Fundraise to Greenfleet. The fundraising activity can only commence once you have received the letter of Authority to Fundraise from Greenfleet.

4.    The fundraising activity, including the financial aspects, record keepings and management of the promotion is conducted in the Fundraiser’s name and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser.

5.    Greenfleet’s insurance policy does not cover activities conducted by outside organisations and groups. The Fundraiser must ensure all appropriate and required insurance cover is organised before the fundraising activity takes place. If your fundraising activity will be taking place in a public area, remember to check with local authorities and obtain any required permits.

6.    Greenfleet is not able to take a coordination role in your activity, such as soliciting prizes, organising publicity or celebrities, assisting with ticket sales or providing goods and services to assist the Fundraiser in running the activity.

7.    The use of the name and logo of Greenfleet will only be permitted once you have been granted with written authority to fundraise. The logo is available upon request and the Fundraiser will be authorised to use this logo in line with the guidelines which will be provided.

8.    All promotional material must be approved by Greenfleet prior to it being printed or distributed. The Fundraiser must make it clear in all their dealings with the public, sponsors and supporters that they are not employees or agents of Greenfleet, nor are they acting in another other representative capacity.

9.    It is the responsibility of the Fundraiser to ensure the fundraising activity is profitable (the event must generate an income value that is higher than the expense value incurred).