Meet the Native Birds of Kosciuszko National Park
Thursday 29th of August 2019
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Welcome Swallow

Meet the Native Birds of Kosciuszko National Park

There is a collection of three forests that Greenfleet helped revegetate in the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW. Depot, Log Bridge and Humes Crossing make more than 250ha that have been revegetated in the area. Now, over 300,000 trees are growing across these three sites.

We sat down with our forestry team to discuss the wonderful bird life that are now calling these forests home. While there is a lot of native wildlife that inhabit the forest, it is the birds that really steal the show. Have a look below at just some of our feathered friends we’ve found living in the trees in this area.

Welcome Swallow, Hirundo neoxena

While the Welcome Swallow is found throughout Australia, we couldn’t help but add this photo to our list. While fully grown Welcome Swallows have a deep metallic blue coat, you can see they have fluffy white feathers as hatchlings! This little was snapped on a cool morning just near our forest called Humes Crossing.  

Welcome Swallow

Emus, Dromaius novaehollandiae

One of our most iconic native animals call these forests home - the Emu! As one of the world’s tallest birds, they can grow to 1.9 metres tall. This one was spotted wondering around some of the more open areas of the planting, most likely looking for a snack.


White Eared Honeyeater, Lichenostomus leucotis

You have to look closely in the photo to find this bird but you should be able to see its flash of yellow feathers. You’ll generally find these medium-sized honeyeaters in eucalypt forests like this one. They like to feast on insects and occasionally nectar from flowers found in the canopy of the forests they’re inhabiting.

White Eared Honeyeater

Crimson Rosella, Platycercus elegans

With their bright red feathers and blue cheeks these birds are hard to miss! Interestingly, in some parts of Australia the same species can look quite different. If you find Crimson Rosellas in areas such as the Murray River, they can actually have yellow and black plumage. Completely different to the one we found here!

Crimson Rosella

Dusky Wood Swallow, Artamus cyanopterus

These little birds travel in flocks most of the time and might seem harmless, but they can be very territorial when it comes to breeding season! Luckily, these two were keeping the peace which meant we were able to get a photo of them without any interruptions.

Dusky Wood Swallows

These birds and many more can be found in the Kosciuszko National Park. While our focus is on taking critical climate action in the areas in which we plant, seeing an increase in biodiversity and wildlife demonstrates the additional benefits our work can have. You can learn about more of our forests here.

Resources: Birdlife Australia