What does ’carbon neutral’ really mean?
Tuesday 11th of February 2020
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Carbon neutral

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to organisations and individuals taking climate action. While offsetting your emissions and becoming “carbon neutral” can go hand in hand, the terms are not always interchangeable. Additionally, the process for becoming ‘carbon neutral certified’ is formal and rigorous.

To help determine the best way that you and your organisation can take climate action, let’s have a look at Greenfleet’s approach to carbon offsetting, what carbon credits are and what becoming “carbon neutral” or ‘carbon neutral certified’ really means.  

What happens when you offset with Greenfleet?

When you offset your emissions with Greenfleet, your funds are going directly towards biodiverse revegetation in Australia and New Zealand. We will plant enough native trees to capture the carbon generated by the activities you have offset.

Greenfleet ensures that the trees we plant are legally protected for up to 100 years by an on-title agreement with the landowner. While they grow, the trees will also provide habitat for native wildlife, improve land quality and reduce erosion among many other benefits.  

What’s the difference between carbon credits and Greenfleet offsets?

Greenfleet offsets capture carbon through our future tree planting projects. This means over the lifetime of the trees planted, carbon emissions are sequestered from the atmosphere.

On the other hand, carbon credits are derived from completed projects. For example, these could relate to a project where trees were planted 5 years ago and where the amount of carbon captured is counted as a credit to be sold to companies.  

What is the difference between carbon neutral and ‘carbon neutral certified’?

The idea of carbon neutrality means that you or your organisation’s net greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero, by reducing and offsetting all emissions relating to the activities of your business.

Becoming “carbon neutral certified” is different. The Australian Government's Carbon Neutral Program certifies organisations, products, services, events and precincts against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (the Standard). Formally NCOS, this certification process allows you to use the official Climate Active carbon neutral trademark and the term ‘carbon neutral certified’.

An organisation, activity, process, event or building is considered ‘carbon neutral’ against the Standard when its net greenhouse gas emissions are equal to zero. Essentially, this formal accreditation can be achieved through an official audit of your organisation, reducing your emissions as much as possible and offsetting the remaining emissions via the purchase of the Standard approved carbon credits.  

How can you become carbon neutral with Greenfleet?

By offsetting with Greenfleet, we can help you ‘neutralise’ your carbon footprint and play an effective role in climate action.

For organisations seeking Climate Active carbon neutral accreditation, Greenfleet offers a unique package of our Australian offsets bundled with the Standard approved credits, generally from overseas.

While we are unable to assist in the auditing process (as we believe that there should be an arms-length distance between auditing and the provision of offsets), we can assist in the purchase of these credits and offsets following the external audit of your organisation.

If you’d like more information about becoming carbon neutral or offsetting your personal or business emissions with Greenfleet, learn more here