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Reduce your business' carbon footprint with Greenfleet

Greenfleet is Australia's first carbon offset provider and a leading environmental not-for-profit organisation that plants native biodiverse forests to help fight the impacts of climate change. Since 1997 Greenfleet has planted over 10 million native trees across more than 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand. Our forests are legally protected for up 100 years.

We work with thousands of individuals and organisations including Telstra, Europcar, Sydney Opera House, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Climate Council and Grill'd. Read more about our Partners.

Greenfleet offers a simple and effective way to make your business greener.

How can I make my business greener?

Right now, it is critical for businesses to take the lead on reducing their environmental impact.  Every organisation can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint such as minimising waste, recycling and choosing sustainable procurement practices.  

Greenfleet can help you offset the carbon emissions you can’t avoid, by planting native biodiverse forests on your behalf. Greenfleet forests provide many environmental benefits by:

  • capturing carbon emissions
  • creating resilient ecosystems
  • building habitat for koalas and other native wildlife
  • improving soil and water quality
  • restoring biodiversity in Australia and New Zealand.

With Greenfleet you can achieve your sustainability objectives and demonstrate to your staff, clients, customers and suppliers that you are committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

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How can Greenfleet help reduce the carbon footprint of my business

Greenfleet enables you to take climate action by offsetting your carbon emissions. We can tailor a solution specifically for your business to reduce its carbon footprint. You can offset most carbon emitting activities including:

  • corporate fleet or individual vehicles
  • domestic and international flights
  • electricity
  • fuel
  • staff, working in offices or remotely
  • deliveries and freight
  • conferences and events
  • calculated tonnes of CO2-e. 

Your support will enable our native reforestation work and we’ll plant enough native trees that will capture the carbon emissions you want to offset, over their lifetime.

Greenfleet can provide you with a certificate and ongoing reporting that shows the positive impact you have made and the emissions you have reduced through our native reforestation work. Our Engagement Team can help you communicate your commitment to reducing your organisation’s environmental impact.

Can my business become Carbon Neutral with Greenfleet?

For organisations seeking or maintaining government Carbon Neutral accreditation, Greenfleet offers a unique package of Greenfleet offsets bundled with Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard approved credits.

This joint approach to your carbon offsetting initiatives ensure you receive:

  • the Standard approved credits that can be used to meet your Climate Active carbon neutral certification from an existing international project 
  • Greenfleet carbon offsets which invest in the Australian environment, contributing to climate change resilience and strong biodiversity outcomes.

Click here to learn more about becoming carbon neutral.

Does my business need to be Carbon Neutral Certified?

Carbon Neutral Certification is a necessary step for some organisations seeking or maintaining government accreditation. You can speak to our team about whether this is right for you.

By avoiding, reducing, and offsetting your emissions, you are already taking strides to make your company more environmentally friendly.

Unlike most carbon credit schemes which are derived from completed projects, Greenfleet offsets capture carbon through our future biodiverse native tree planting projects in Australia and New Zealand. This means over the lifetime of the trees planted, carbon emissions are sequestered from the atmosphere.

Learn more about the difference between being carbon neutral and ‘Carbon Neutral certified’ or read further about the different ways to take climate action

Partner with Greenfleet to become a green company today

You can begin your journey of taking practical climate action by offsetting your business' carbon emissions online.  

Or contact our Partnerships Team on +61 3 9642 0570, at [email protected] or via our Contact Us form to discuss how we can work together to help make your business or organisation more environmentally friendly.

As well as offsetting carbon emissions, you can support Greenfleet’s native reforestation work with donations to plant trees or create areas of native forest. We can even create your company’s own named forest, which is another great way to engage staff, customers, and suppliers with your sustainability initiatives. Learn about our Milestone Forests here.

You can also set up Workplace Giving Programs to encourage staff to get involved in taking practical climate action with you.

As Greenfleet is a registered charity and holds Deductible Gift Recipient status with the ATO, all offsets and donations to Greenfleet are tax deductible.

We look forward to working with you to create a greener future for your business.

Together, we can grow our forests and climate hope.