Revegetate your land

If you are landowner, we can plant native trees on your property and help revegetate your land.

For approved projects, Greenfleet will supply and plant the trees, and your project will be funded by donations from individual and corporate supporters. 

With 25 years experience, Greenfleet is an expert in biodiverse native reforestation. We plant forests in Australia and New Zealand to address the impacts of climate change. Since 1997, we've worked with private landowners, farmers, councils and national park agencies to plant over 9.97 million native trees.

Is my property suitable?

We are looking for landowners keen to see native trees planted on their property from 2022 onwards. 

The potential planting area should be:

  • a minimum of 10 hectares
  • clear, or mostly clear, of native vegetation
  • suitable for protecting the trees over time on title

Please note that these are guidelines only. Greenfleet may also consider particular projects, geographic locations, or land adjacent to wildlife corridors. Contact us if you would like us to consider revegetating your land. 

Why plant native trees?

Planting native trees provides a wide range of environmental benefits. Native trees:

  • improve the environmental value of your land
  • provide shade, wind breaks and shelterbelts for livestock
  • improve soil quality and reduce erosion
  • enhance water quality and reduce salinity
  • protect our unique biodiversity
  • recreate habitat for native wildlife and endangered species
  • help fight the impacts of climate change by absorbing carbon emissions
  • ensure a greener future for our next generation.

Explore some of our forests and be inspired by landholders who have revegetated their land and improved its environmental value, productivity and biodiversity. 

What do I need to know?

From planning to planting, our passionate team has a strategic, hands-on approach to delivering high quality revegetation projects. 

If your project is approved to go ahead, Greenfleet will undertake the following activities at no cost to you:

  • selecting and sourcing native seedlings and seed
  • standard site preparation
  • planting
  • maintaining the forest until it is established

You will maintain full ownership of the land. We just claim the carbon emissions absorbed by the growing forest.

Contact us to learn more.