365 years offset through native reforestation
Monday 7th of September 2020
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Hands planting a native seedling

Imagine 8,400 tonnes of CO2-e – it’s the amount of carbon 365 average people will produce in Australia each year. Or the amount of carbon emitted annually by over 2,000 average sized cars.

It’s also the amount of carbon that has now been offset with our 12 month offset, CarbonCover 365.

We recently reached 365 offsets with CarbonCover 365, which means that our supporters will help sequester 365 years of average Australian emissions through native reforestation.

Earlier this year our supporter Chris spoke to us about maintaining climate hope and why taking climate action is so important. He believes that “we need to leave a positive legacy for our children and future generations generally." It was this that lead to him offsetting his next 12 months with CarbonCover 365.

For Chris, taking climate action with Greenfleet was not just about offsetting his emissions, he also spoke about how, “natural habitats will also be restored and strengthened across Australia”.

One project, at a property called ‘Anam Talamh’ is located near Byron Bay in NSW, is doing just that. Work began on this property earlier this year and the project aims to increase biodiversity, build wildlife habitat and restore endangered rainforest plant species.

Anam Talamh near Byson Bay, prior to planting in 2020.

In 2020, our supporters have supported us to us plant 30,000 trees at Anam Talamh, and we will return next year to plant even more. Over the coming years, the goal is to have all wetland and unused parts of the property revegetated with native and endemic species.

Over its lifetime, this forest will play a pivotal role in climate action by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and we anticipate that the forest will extend habitat for the vulnerable koalas in the region.

This is just one of the reforestation projects Greenfleet is working on in 2020 - we have been hard at work restoring land in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand. Following one of the best Autumns for planting that we have seen in many years, we are excited about the impact that these forests will make over the coming decades.

We have many more projects planned for 2021 and beyond and your support makes this possible. If you are already taking climate action with Greenfleet – thank you. And if you would like to learn more about taking action with CarbonCover 365, you can do so here.