How to stay connected to nature during lockdown
Wednesday 29th of April 2020
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How to stay connected to nature during lockdown

Many of us know the feeling of peacefulness we experience when interacting with nature and recognise the positive impact that it can have on our mental state. 

With Greenfleet’s focus on native reforestation, we know the importance of feeling connected to the world around us. Whether it be by going for a bush walk, having some time in the garden or even tending to houseplants, experiences such as these can improve our attention spans and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

During this time of lockdown, many of us are encountering challenges as we adjust to the new shape of our lives. Mindful interactions with nature can help us find the calm we are seeking. So, while we all maintain healthy distances, here are some ways to incorporate nature into your lives and bring about that sense of peace.

Green exercise

Going for a walk has never felt more necessary and enjoyable. Our daily walks are a great way to engage with the natural world. Green exercise, such as going for a walk in a park, can have great impacts on enhancing our mood and self-esteem.

For those of us who live in urban centres – nature of all kinds exists in our cities too! Evidence of nature, like vegetation and bird life, can also have a positive impact on our mental state. So, when you are taking a stroll don’t forget to take the time to appreciate the vitality existing in your neck of the woods!

Visit nature virtually

As humans, even digital images and recordings from nature can impact the way that we feel and help to relax us. If you can’t get out of the house, try taking a virtual tour, watching a nature documentary or virtually immerse yourself in the sounds of the natural world.

There are many places that you can see some of the work that Greenfleet do and the land that we are restoring; our Instagram page and our image gallery allow you to get lost in some of our old and new projects alike. You can also explore where our forests are growing through our interactive map.

And if you’re looking to escape with sounds, visiting Nature Sound Map can give you an insight into audio-scapes from around the world. Would you like to know what sunrise sounds like by a billabong in outback Queensland? Wonder no more…

Nature in your home

Last, but certainly not least, you can always bring nature to you! Growing plants either inside your house or in your garden (native ones, of course!) is a wonderful way to foster a connection to nature. You can enjoy the benefits of cleaner air and a more aesthetically pleasing environment as well. 

For those of you who might feel that you are lacking a green thumb, never fear, the internet is full of information about how plants can survive and thrive in your home. For example, we love this resource from the ABC about tips to keeping plants alive.

Whether you find yourself exercising outside, enjoying natural wonders via the internet or creating your own wonderland indoors; the key to connecting with nature is presence and awareness. While these are certainly challenging times, immersing yourself in nature in these ways is guaranteed to be time well spent.