Our impact

With the help of our supporters, Greenfleet has planted more than 9.9 million trees across Australia and New Zealand. Our native forests capture carbon emissions to help protect our climate, improve soil and water quality, contribute to biodiversity, and provide habitat for native wildlife.  Whenever you donate or offset with Greenfleet, you are helping us grow our impact.

Our projects our people

We work on a range of special projects which deliver additional community, environmental and economic benefits.

Our forests landscape

Learn more about climate change and its impacts, and the critical importance of reforestation as a climate solution.

Biodiversity - tree in a meadow

Every forest Greenfleet plants is designed to enhance the biodiversity of the local area and protect our precious native wildlife and plant species

Our impact on wildlife

Since 1997 Greenfleet has created over 500 biodiverse forests around Australia and New Zealand. 

Greenfleet Forest Wurneet Laand Laang

Greenfleet’s work to restore forests contributes to the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Greenfleet's 2021 Impact Report

In 2021, Greenfleet planted native trees across 530 hectares in Australia and New Zealand to sequester 358,178 tonnes of carbon over their lifetime.

Watch our 2021 impact video here.