Growing A Milestone Forest

Your Milestone Forest is creating a legacy that will last beyond this century. You are making a significant contribution to our environment through the restoration of native ecosystems, the reconnection of wildlife habitat and the protection of Country.

To mark the anniversary of your Milestone Forest, we wanted to give you an update on the impact your forest is making.

Positive Impacts

Your Milestone Forest is growing among 60 hectares that is being restored to grassy woodland ecosystem. The planting includes over 20 plant species native to the region that are helping to create a biodiverse and resilient forest. 

Many wattle species were planted, which are vital for the local birdlife, and a number of eucalypt species including Yellow Gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) are helping form the forest canopy. The trunk of the Yellow Gums will eventually form tree hollows which provide vital habitat to a number of mammals and invertebrates. Like wattle, the flowers of this tree will also provide a food source to the local birds. 

Throughout 2023, Greenfleet’s ongoing site monitoring at Ngulambarra has demonstrated that the planting you’ve enabled is making great progress towards becoming a thriving, biodiverse forest. While your Milestone Forest is still in its establishment phase, we expect that it will become important habitat for native wildlife species in the coming years. 

Further planting has now taken place to include rare and declining plant species as part of the unique restoration work occurring at the site. Some of the species planted as part of this work include, Heath Myrtle (Micromyrtus ciliata), Rosy Baeckea (Euromyrtus microphylla) and Spiny Rice-Flower (Pimelea spinescens) a critically endangered species. These species will grow to diversify the ecosystem growing at Ngulambarra and help bolster the prevalence of these species in the region.

Ngulambarra is located between conservation properties at Ngarri-Mt Egbert in the east and the Lawan Reserve to the west. As a result, Ngulambarra forms a key piece of the Wychitella Biolink and is reconnecting habitat for isolated populations of threatened species such as the Swift Parrot, Quoll, and the ground-dwelling Mallee Fowl.

We are proud to tell you that your forest is playing a vital role in establishing refuge corridors that are essential for the long-term survival of these species. These corridors will allow them to move across the landscape to find food, shelter, and breeding opportunities. 

Healing Country

At Ngulambarra, the site of your Milestone Forest, Greenfleet is working with the Traditional Owners, Djaara people. At the same site, we are also supporting Djaara cultural priorities by ensuring that a portion of plantings include culturally significant food and fibre grasses. By doing this, we are restoring the land while providing potential traditional food crops that are climate appropriate. 

On a site visit in 2022, Djaara man Jason Kerr, Welcomed the Greenfleet Team to Country and shared his knowledge about his family and the area. He also conducted a Smoking Ceremony, engaging the team in this traditional practice. 

Pictured below, Jason Kerr - DJAARA Traditional Owner.

Creating A Legacy

Your Milestone Forest is legally protected for 100 years. We are heartened to tell you that the many positive environmental impacts made through your investment will be a continuing legacy of environmental hope well into our future.  

Thank you for making such an incredible contribution to our environment. Together, we are growing forests and growing hope.