Donate to grow native forests and climate hope


Take climate action this Christmas

It’s never been more important to act on climate change. This Christmas, give the gift of climate hope. 

With every donation, offset or gift, you are helping Greenfleet to plant more native trees and restore legally protected Australian native forests. As well as removing carbon from the atmosphere, these forests create habitat for koalas and other endangered wildlife.

Do more than wish for climate hope this Christmas. Take action to continue this important work today.

All contributions to Greenfleet over $2 are tax deductible in Australia. 

Give sustainably

Gift donations and carbon offsets to Greenfleet help plant native trees in legally protected biodiverse forests. They remove carbon, restore habitat and food trees for koalas and other precious wildlife.

So save gift wrap from landfill and delivery emissions. Give a gift that grows over generations to help our planet. Your support will help restore Australian ecosystems so they can thrive beyond this century.

If you are giving your donation or offset as a gift, tick the Gift box at checkout to receive a certificate to share with the recipient. If you are purchasing multiple gifts, please checkout for each individual separately.

Your support will have a real impact on climate change today

10.5 million native trees planted
550+ native forests created
4.4 million tonnes of carbon will be sequestered
10,347 hectares revegetated

Why support Greenfleet

    • Greenfleet is a leading environmental not-for-profit and Australia’s first carbon offset provider. We've restored native ecosystems for over 25 years.
    • Greenfleet is a registered charity. Any contribution of $2 or more is tax deductible in Australia.
    • We plant native trees in Australia and New Zealand that are legally protected for up to 100 years.
    • We restore biodiverse forests that create habitat for koalas and other endangered wildlife. 
    • We work with local Communities and First Nations peoples to manage land, with our expert native forest Revegetation Team. 
    • Greenfleet uses carbon accounting developed by CSIRO to measure carbon sequestration and our work is verified by EY.

Help restore legally protected koala habitat

Koalas are endangered in many Australian states due to habitat loss and the devastating impacts of climate change.

We must act now to restore their habitat and ensure their survival.

Greenfleet has been growing native forests to create sustainable, protected habitat for koalas and other threatened wildlife for over 25 years.

This Christmas your donation, or donated gift, will restore biodiverse forests and build legally protected habitat for koalas and other precious animals.

Offset carbon emissions

Practical climate action is the perfect gift for family or friends who want to protect our climate. When you support Greenfleet, we plant enough native trees in legally protected forests to remove emissions on your behalf.

You can offset your cars, flights or household with Greenfleet. You can even offset an entire carbon footprint with CarbonCover 365. This is our most comprehensive offset and it covers the average annual carbon footprint of a person living in Australia (20.3 tonnes of CO2-e) for just $1 a day. Choose an annual $365 offset or a recurring monthly payment of $30.42.

Whether you are offsetting your own emissions, or investing in a meaningful gift, you can act on climate change and restore native forests with Greenfleet this Christmas.

Find out more about CarbonCover 365 here and see the full range of our offsets here.

Give to grow native forests and climate hope this Christmas