Building Habitat For The Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater

Located near Taylors Flat in NSW, our reforestation efforts at Coopers Crossing will be delivering climate action and extending habitat for the endangered Regent Honeyeater. 

In 2020, Greenfleet revegetated the property with over 7,600 native seedlings. More than 30 native species were planted as a part of this reforestation project including Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora), River Sheoak (Casuarina cunninghamiana) and Prickly Tea Tree (Leptospermum continetale).  

In March 2020, this region experienced significant rainfall, which assisted in the planting and establishment of the trees. As a result, since planting went ahead in September 2020, the site has experienced good growth.  

While this forest plays a role in  climate action by capturing more than 4,200 tonnes of CO2-e from atmosphere, it also provides additional environmental benefits by providing habitat to native wildlife.  

With their population negatively impacted by land clearing, the Regent Honeyeater is considered critically endangered in NSW and at a federal level. These striking birds get their name due to their bright yellow and black plumage. The preferred habitat of Regent Honeyeaters is eucalypt forests and woodlands, and our hope is that the forest growing at Coopers Crossing will extend and create habitat for them. 

We look forward to watching this forest evolve over the coming years and decades. As it is legally protected for 100 years, it can continue to grow and provide ecological benefits within the region for generations to come. 

Cooper Crossing

Location Size

11.5 hectares in NSW

Planting Dates



  1. Eucalyptus brudgesiana
  2. Eucalyptus blakelyii
  3. Eucalyptus camaldulensis
  4. Eucalyptus cinerea
  5. Eucalyptus goniocalyx
  6. Eucalyptus macroyncha
  7. Eucalyptus mannifera
  8. Eucalyptus melliodora
  9. Eucalyptus polyanthemos
  10. Eucalyptus rossii
  11. Eucalyptus rubida
  12. Acacia dealbata
  13. Acacia deanii
  14. Acacia implexa
  15. Acacia penninervis
  16. Acacia verniciflua
  17. Brachychiton populenous
  18. Bursaria spinosa
  19. Casuarina cunninghamiana
  20. Persoona rigida
  21. Acacia acinacea
  22. Acacia buxifolia
  23. Acacia decora
  24. Acacia paradoxa
  25. Acacia ulcifolia
  26. Callustemon sieberi
  27. Cassinia arculeata
  28. Cassinia longifolia
  29. Davesia mimosoides
  30. Dodonea viscosa spp. angustifo
  31. Leptospermum continetale

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