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Situated on the banks of the Niemur River, an anabranch of the Murray, Niemuroo will complement the ancient River Red Gum forests of the NSW Riverina. This considerably sized property (814hectares) was, until recently, used for cereal cropping and wool production, but is now being returned to Red Gum forest by the current owner (and Greenfleet collaborator), Biolinking Australia.

This property was targeted by Biolinking Australia because of the potential to enhance the nearby Werai Indigenous Protected Area, re-establish iconic Red Gumforest and provide habitat for native wildlife. Notable amongst this wildlife is the Bush Stone-Curlew, which is listed as a threatened species in NSW and has been seen directly on the property.  This largely ground dwelling bird favours open red gum forests and shelters amongst the fallen debris.

As part of the establishment of this forest, a series of flood levees had to be removed.  These were built and used by the previous owner to regulate the amount of water flooding onto the site for the purpose of deliberate irrigation. The destruction of these levees allows more natural flooding cycles to resume – Red Gums have adapted to these natural flood regimes and require them in order to regenerate.

The project is also being managed in conjunction with the Murray Catchment Management Authority, which has provided advice on species selection and site preparation.


Location Size

330ha of direct seeding and assisted regeneration across an 814 ha property in the NSW Riverina.

Planting Dates

2011, 2019, 2020


  1. Acacia acinacea
  2. Acacia brachybotrya
  3. Acacia deanii
  4. Acacia hakeoides
  5. Acacia ligulata
  6. Acacia melvillei
  7. Acacia microcarpa
  8. Acacia oswaldii
  9. Acacia rigens
  10. Acacia salicina
  11. Acacia sclerophylla
  12. Acacia stenophylla
  13. Acacia victoriae
  14. Allocasuarina cristata
  15. Allocasuarina leuhmannii
  16. Atriplex nummularia
  17. Callitris gracilis
  18. Dodonaea viscosa ssp.attenuata
  19. Dodonaea viscosa ssp. cuneata
  20. Chenopodium nitrariaceum
  21. Eucalyptus behriana
  22. Eucaluptus camadulensis
  23. Eucalyptus dumosa
  24. Eucalyptus gracilis
  25. Eucalyptus incrassate
  26. Eucalyptus largiflorens
  27. Eucalyptus socialis
  28. Hakea tephrosperma
  29. Melaleuca lanceolata
  30. Senna artemisioides

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