Improving Land Productivity & Restoring Biodiversity

Located South West of Sydney in NSW, Greenfleet is revegetating Reedy Creek on Dharug Country with a variety of native species. While the revegetation work will help take climate action, another project goal is to increase the productivity of the farm.

Rip lines in the soil at Reedy Creek

In 2020, we planted more than 23,500 native trees across parts of the property and with the help of substantial rain earlier in the year, the forest is already growing well.

This site sits on Box Gum Grassy Woodland habitat and over 20 different native species were chosen by Greenfleet as a part of this project to ensure that biodiversity is being restored as the forest grows. Some of these include Apple Bark (Eucalyptus bridgesiana), Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) and Woolly Tea Tree (Leptospermum lanigerium)Another species planted is Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora), which will play an important role in the conservation of the property. 

As this forest grows, it is providing a wealth of environmental benefits including capturing carbon from the atmosphere. Over its lifetime, it will capture more than 41,000 tonnes of CO2-e, which is enough to offset over 9,500 cars for a whole year. The forest will also grow to provide habitat for wildlife in the region such as the Swift Parrot.

For the farm, this forest will improve the productivity of the property and provide shelter for the livestock that is kept there. The forest will also be legally protected so that it can continue to grow for many years to come.

Location Size

19 ha south west of Sydney in NSW

Planting Dates



  1. Eucalyptus bridgesiana
  2. Eucalyptus macroryncha
  3. Eucalyptus melliodora
  4. Eucalyptus radiata
  5. Eucalyptus stellulata
  6. Acacia dealbata
  7. Acacia implexa
  8. Acacia melanoxylon
  9. Acacia verniciflua
  10. Banksia marginata
  11. Bracychiton populeneus
  12. Bursaria spinosa
  13. Leptospermum lanigerium
  14. Acacia buxifolia
  15. Acacia paradoxa
  16. Acacia ulcifolia
  17. Acacia vestita
  18. Callistemon paludosus
  19. Coprosma quadrifida
  20. Dodonea viscosa
  21. Grevillea rosmarinafolia
  22. Hakea microcarpa
  23. Kunzea parvifolia

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