Earth Day brings people together to protect the precious earth we live on. Greenfleet supporters are longtime proponents of taking action to protect our earth, and the plants and animals that need our help.  

Earth Day 2024 is a chance to reflect on our 26 years of climate action, how far we have come and how much there is still to do. 

What Is Earth Day? 

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of this environmental movement, started in the USA in 1970. It began as public rallies against pollution, the loss of wilderness and the extinction of wildlife. It continues to unite political parties and people from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic groups pushing for better environmental outcomes. 

In 2016, April 22 was also the date chosen for the signing of the Paris Agreement, where 175 world leaders recognising Earth Day as a significant marker of the climate and environmental movement. Earth Month became a month-long extension of Earth Day, much-need to raise awareness and advocate for change on the major climate issues affecting our planet. 

Greenfleet is passionate about protecting our planet, and since 1997, we have planted more than 10.8 million trees, restored 10,950 hectares to native ecosystem and created over 550 native forests. We will continue to legally protect these forests for up to 100 years, and as they grow, they will remove 4.9 million tonnes of CO2-e from the atmosphere. 

5 Ways Greenfleet Contributes To Our Earth  

1. Delivering climate action by removing carbon

By planting native biodiverse forests, Greenfleet delivers climate action that protects our environment. While growing ecosystems and removing carbon, we are empowering individuals and companies to manage their carbon emissions and make a positive impact. 

To measure the carbon uptake of our forests, Greenfleet uses the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM), developed by CSIRO and approved by the Australian Department of the Environment. To safeguard the longevity our forests, we legally protect them for up to 100 years.

2. Building wildlife habitat

Greenfleet sources locally native tree and plant species in the regions we revegetate. This helps create and extend habit and encourages native wildlife to utilise our forests for their homes and food.  

Thousands of hectares of native forest are cleared in some Australian states each year. With 1,420 forest-dwelling species being listed as threatened and over 84% of our mammals being endemic to Australia, it is vital we continue to support the growth of their habitat. In 2023, Greenfleet restored 493 hectares of koala habitat, with these forests being vital to this unique native animal which is endangered in Queensland, NSW and the ACT. 

3. Restoring native ecosystems

Greenfleet’s Revegetation Team research the local ecosystem types at each of our reforestation sites to restore the forests that existed prior to land clearing.   

By planting locally native plant species we are creating resilient forests that can benefit the environment and wildlife. Some projects will also include endangered plant species to bolster their prevalence in the regions we work.

One example of this, is the critically endangered Strzelecki Gum (Eucalyptus strzeleckii), which we aim to include in any project we undertake in the South Gippsland Region of Victoria.  

4. Improving air and water quality

The effects of climate change contribute to worsening air and water quality. To combat these effects, Greenfleet plants trees which act as natural air filters absorbing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and releasing oxygen. 

Trees also slow down the flow of rainwater, reducing the amount of runoff that can carry pollutants into waterways and halting soil erosion. As our forests grow, they help to keep our lakes, rivers, and streams clean. 

5. Empowering individuals and organisations to take action

Understanding environmental issues and the loss of our precious ecosystems can be overwhelming. Knowing what you can do to make a positive impact on the environment is a great place to start. Greenfleet provides practical solutions to offset the emissions you can’t avoid or reduce completelythrough native reforestation. By offering this option, you can feel empowered knowing that your offsets and donations are making a positive impact as Greenfleet plants trees on your behalf.

Earth Day Theme 2024 

While Greenfleet’s focus is on ecosystem restoration, there are many actions individuals, organisations and governments can take to help protect our planet.  

This year’s Earth Day theme is Planet vs Plastics – with the ambitious aim to reduce plastic production by 60% by 2040. This means a focus on phasing out single use plastics and combatting the environmental impact of fast fashion, amongst a list of climate actions. Earth Day have various events and initiatives to help you participate, and toolkits for you to use to raise awareness.  

Visit their website to learn more Earth Day 2024 - Earth Day