This year has tested the resilience of the world. While we come to terms with the vast and varied impacts COVID-19 has had on our day to day lives, Australia as a nation has been challenged since well before the pandemic.

Last summer’s bushfire season was nothing short of devastating. With more than 12 million hectares burnt, it was the worst season in Australia’s history and resulted in more than three billion native animals perishing or becoming displaced.

These statistics, and the news of fire events currently occurring in the US, make it easy to feel despair. Understandably, as a nation we are still feeling the grief that this time caused.

As we approach almost a year since this devastating bushfire season began, it seemed like a good time to reflect and share a moment of hope.

Seven Greenfleet forests were directly impacted by these fires but recent assessments have demonstrated that many of them are already regenerating. This shows not only the fortitude of the Australian Landscape but also the importance of planting resilient, native trees.

While we know that bushfires and drought will continue, with their impacts exacerbated by climate change, we also know the importance of building resilient ecosystems that can regenerate in the face of these crises.

One Greenfleet forest in the Great Lakes region of New South Wales, Darawakh Wetland, was severely impacted by the fires. Despite the severity, an assessment in August found that most of the forest was already in an advanced state of recovery. Below, you can see images of the trees as they regenerate.

This is just one story demonstrating the resilience of nature. Across many Greenfleet forests and Australian bushland in general, native plants are regenerating and recovering from what was a distressing time in our recent history.

As we enter the warmer months for 2020, we do so with the hope that this year’s milder conditions mean the coming season will not bring about the same devastation. As an organisation, we remain focused on long term climate action and are committed to protecting our climate through native reforestation.

With projects completed in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and New Zealand this year, Greenfleet is continuing to grow hope. These forests will grow to restore land, create habitat, and take critical climate action by capturing carbon emissions for decades to come.

Thank you to our supporters for joining us on our mission and for taking climate action with us.

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Throughout last year, and despite all the challenges it brought, Greenfleet continued to focus on protecting our climate by restoring our forests. Your support allowed us to continue taking practical action on the ground and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve together.