A longstanding partnership reaches two key milestones for World Environment Day as Telstra and environmental not-for-profit, Greenfleet, partner to plant Greenfleet’s 10 millionth tree. For Telstra, the tree will mark the leading Telco’s two millionth plant with Greenfleet.

The milestone plant represents a vital step in the revegetation and ecosystem restoration effort Telstra and Greenfleet have made across a partnership that spans almost two decades.

Greenfleet is Australia’s first carbon offset provider. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted 10 million trees across more 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand, to capture over 3.9 million tonnes of carbon emissions on behalf of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations. Together they are growing forests and climate hope locally.

At a planting event in the rolling hills of South Gippsland on Boon Wurrung Country, Greenfleet will be joined by Telstra staff and a member of the Boon Wurrung Land and Sea Council to plant this milestone seedling. 

The planting site is adjacent to remnant native forest and will provide an important vegetation link for Strzelecki Koalas and habitat for native birds such as the Yellow-faced Honeyeater and Grey Fantail. As well as supporting protected biodiverse forests, the property is also a working cattle farm, demonstrating that climate action and farming can co-exist.

By re-establishing legally protected native biodiverse forests across Australia, Greenfleet and supporters like Telstra are practically reducing the impacts of climate change, conserving biodiversity, and restoring habitat for our precious wildlife, including koalas, and other endangered species. 

Greenfleet CEO, Wayne Wescott advised: “June 5 marks World Environment Day, a day that acknowledges the importance of protecting our environment. It’s a day that is significant to Greenfleet, because we’ve been focused on protecting and restoring our environment for 25 years. Greenfleet plants ecosystems around Australia and New Zealand so our supporters can take effective climate action, with confidence that the ecosystems we’re planting will be protected for the rest of the century.”   

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