Noosa Restoration & Reconciliation Project

Donate now for climate action. Help us restore 1,100 hectares in the Noosa Hinterland.

Greenfleet seedling planting
Plants 2 protected native trees
Most of the image is made up of branches and green leaves from a eucalyptus tree. In the centre of the image, a koala sleeps laying across one of the branches.
Builds biodiverse habitat for koalas that is legally protected
Restoring The Sunshine Coast
Captures 5 tonnes of carbon & restores Country
Noosa Product $20 _Noosa Landcare
Helps create employment opportunities for Traditional Owners

It has never been more important to act on climate change. Greenfleet has been restoring native forests for 25 years. We've planted over 10 million trees and created more than 500 forests.

Right now, you can help Greenfleet restore critical koala habitat by planting 1,100 hectares of native forest in the Noosa Hinterland.

The Noosa Restoration & Reconciliation Project is a world-first carbon offset program that combines climate action with reconciliation action in partnership with the Kabi Kabi people, Traditional Owners of the Sunshine Coast region.

Your impact

Your support of the Noosa Restoration & Reconciliation Project:

  • Protects our climate by restoring legally protected native forest 
  • Creates vital koala habitat 
  • Delivers verified social and cultural benefits for Traditional Owners
  • Replaces monoculture plantation with biodiverse native ecosystem

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Greenfleet's forest restoration
Greenfleet's forest restoration work

How it works

Noosa - Steps To Donate

Donate now to take action for Climate and Country  

About the project

Greenfleet is a leading Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation and Australia’s first carbon offset provider. The Noosa Restoration & Reconciliation Project will restore 1,100 hectares of native biodiverse forest in the Noosa Hinterland with the Kabi Kabi People. This project will deliver practical climate action and social and cultural benefits verified by the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation.

If your business or organisation is looking to do more on sustainability and reconciliation, you can make a large scale impact through this project.

Please contact our partnerships team at [email protected], call us on +61 3 9642 0570 or Contact Us

Thank you for growing hope with Greenfleet


*Photo credit - Ruth Huckstepp, Noosa Landcare