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Reduce your carbon footprint

Greenfleet offers a simple and effective way for you to offset your emissions, restore native forests and take practical climate action. 

It has never been more important to act on climate change. While targets are being discussed at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, we’re already on the ground making a real difference. 

CarbonCover 365 provides a practical way for you to reduce your carbon footprint for $1 a day.

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Greenfleet's forest restoration work
Greenfleet's native forest restoration work

How CarbonCover 365 works

  • Your annual offset covers 23 tonnes of CO2-e, the average amount of carbon emitted by each person in Australia each year.
  • For $1 a day you are helping grow legally protected native forests in Australia, which capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, restore habitat for wildlife and increase biodiversity.
  • No need to offset flights, your car or other carbon emissions separately, all are offset in one simple step.

Choose an annual or monthly subscription

  • CarbonCover Monthly offsets your carbon footprint one month at a time.
  • It’s an easy, affordable way to take practical climate action.
  • Your monthly subscription will offset 1.9 tonnes per month, or 23 tonnes over a 12 month period.
  • For $30.42 per month, your climate action will help grow native forests in Australia.

Act on climate change now with Greenfleet

When you offset your carbon emissions with Greenfleet, we will plant native forests on your behalf. These forests:

  • capture carbon emissions to reduce the impacts of climate change
  • create resilient biodiverse ecosystems in Australia and New Zealand
  • restore habitat for koalas and other native wildlife
  • improve soil and water quality
  • are legally protected for up to 100 years to deliver long-term environmental benefits.

To calculate this annual per-person average, Greenfleet partnered with the team at the Energy Transition Hub at the University of Melbourne, following Australian and international standards.

Join the growing number of people who are taking meaningful climate action and offset your annual carbon footprint with CarbonCover 365.

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