CarbonCover 365 

Cover your emissions for the next 12 months

CarbonCover 365 provides a simple and effective way for you to offset a year's worth of carbon emissions, which will help grow biodiverse native forests for the equivalent of $1 a day.

The details:

  • Your annual offset will cover 23 tonnes of CO2-e, which is the average amount of carbon emitted by each person in Australia
  • For $1 a day your climate action is helping grow native forests in Australia, which capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while also restoring habitat for wildlife and increasing biodiversity
  • It will also include a global citizen contribution to Rimba Raya, an economically viable alternative to deforestation in Indonesian Borneo.

In addition, Greenfleet will ensure:

  • The trees planted to offset your emissions are legally protected for up to 100 years
  • The forest will grow into a native, biodiverse ecosystem  building habitat for native species
  • If the trees are damaged by natural disasters or browsing by animals, we will replace them or replant in another area. 

To calculate this annual per-person average, Greenfleet partnered with the staff at the Energy Transition Hub at the University of Melbourne, following Australian and international standards. 

Join the growing number of people who are taking meaningful climate action and offset the next 12 months of your life with CarbonCover 365.

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The research underpinning the development of the offset calculator was peer reviewed by staff of the Energy Transition Hub at the University of Melbourne.



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