Plant a Milestone Forest

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.” - Paulo Coelho 

With a Milestone Forest, Greenfleet can plant a native forest to help you pay tribute to life’s special moments. This could be to celebrate the birth of a child, a significant birthday or an anniversary. It could also commemorate a lost loved one.

When we plant a Milestone Forest for you, it will grow into a thriving, resilient ecosystem that is protected for up to 100 years. It is a beautiful and meaningful way to honour any milestone.

How you can grow a Milestone Forest

When you donate to grow a Milestone Forest, you can choose how much land you would like to restore. A Milestone Forest donation of $2,000 will revegetate 0.1 hectares of land which is the size of 5 tennis courts. We will provide a certificate to recognize your contribution and you will receive annual updates on the progress of the native forest.

If you would like to grow a Milestone Forest, you contact our team via phone on (+ 61 3) 9642 0570 or contact us online.

Where your forest will be planted

Your Milestone forest will be planted at Pearson’s Block. This 340ha property is located near Wedderburn in Central Victoria. The native trees planted on this property will grow into a resilient forest that will create habitat links for the region’s wildlife.

Some of the species that will call this forest home include Lace Monitors, Quolls and many native birds such as Shy Heath Wrens and Inland Thornbills. This forest will also restore habitat for the threatened Mallee Fowl, which requires connected landscapes this project is seeking to provide.

Your donation will continue the critical work being completed on this property and help you leave a long lasting legacy to remember life’s special moments.

Contact us today to find out more - together we can grow a Milestone Forest that will thrive for years to come.