The Noosa Restoration & Reconciliation Project
Friday 12th of November 2021
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aerial shot of the forest at Yurol Ringtail. In the background you can see a dull grey sky an din the foreground the forest currently making up the national park.

By supporting the Noosa Restoration and Reconciliation project, you are helping Greenfleet combine climate action and reconciliation with the reforestation of Noosa’s iconic landscape. 

As work is set to begin revegetating more than 1,100 hectares of cleared land to legally protected native forest, the first step in this momentous project was our landmark agreement with the Kabi Kabi Peoples Aboriginal Corporation which Greenfleet did earlier this year.

This incredible project is helping Traditional Owners return to Country, restoring the Noosa Hinterland and taking tangible climate action. Read more about the important work your support is enabling below.


Partnering with Traditional Owners to restore Country

* Photo credits: Noosa Landcare

The Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA), signed in March 2021, represented a vital step in the Noosa Restoration and Reconciliation Project. Together with Kabi Kabi people, who are the Traditional Owners of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region, Greenfleet has developed a new carbon offset with cultural and social co-benefits that are verified by the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation. 

This ensures that Greenfleet is providing economic support to the Kabi Kabi people while taking critical steps to protect our climate. One of the ways that Greenfleet will do this is through employment opportunities and traineeships that will help Traditional Owners return to Country. 

Greenfleet CEO, Wayne Wescott stated “we’re thrilled to have reached this agreement with Kabi Kabi. To be able to combine climate action with a direct revenue stream for Traditional Owners, jobs on the ground, and to help bring their young people back to Country by providing capacity and opportunity: it’s a rich and sustaining partnership, and one that I feel very proud of”.

You can hear more about this project and what it means to Kabi Kabi people in the following video. 


Restoring the iconic Noosa Hinterland

* Photo credit: Ruth Huckstepp for Noosa Landcare

While this project will have tangible social and economic benefits for the Kabi Kabi people, it will also have incredible environmental benefits that will be felt for years to come. 

By re-establishing a native biodiverse forest and creating protected koala habitat, Greenfleet will be building on an award-winning project initiated by Noosa Parks Association, with support from Noosa Shire Council, Noosa Landcare, and the Queensland Government.

This project will see the restoration of land that was previously cleared for pine plantation. Greenfleet will be extending the national park by establishing legally protected native forest that will also build habitat for the native wildlife in the region.

This is particularly important for koalas as their species is listed as vulnerable state-wide in Queensland.


Taking critical climate action

Along with the environmental benefits and reconciliation this project enables, it will also take an incredible amount of climate action over the coming decades. As the native forest grows, it will draw down on carbon in the atmosphere to protect our climate.

Wayne Wescott reflected that “this project has the potential to mitigate the impacts of climate change at an incredible scale - sequestering hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions.” In fact, over its lifetime this forest will sequester over 700,000 tonnes of CO2-e, that’s the equivalent annual emissions of more than 160,000 cars in Australia.


By supporting the Noosa Restoration and Reconciliation Project, you are having a tangible positive impact on both the environment and the cultural, social and economic objectives of the Kabi Kabi people. Thank you for being a part of it and for growing climate hope with us.