About Greenfleet

Who we are

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to connecting people with real climate action. We are Australia and New Zealand's most respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets.

Since 1997, we have planted more than 9.2 million native trees across 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to offset carbon emissions on behalf of thousands of leading brands, businesses, councils, universities, NGOs and individuals.

We exist to make a difference, not a profit. Greenfleet is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and eligible tax-deductible donations to Greenfleet have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office.

Our mission

Greenfleet’s mission as a not-for-profit environmental organisation is to protect our climate by restoring our forests. We connect people with real climate action.

What we do

We encourage organisations and individuals to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their overall carbon footprint, then offset remaining emissions. Greenfleet utilises these offset donation funds to plant trees and restore forests in Australia and New Zealand.

Our native forests take carbon from the atmosphere to restore and protect our climate, but they also do much more. Greenfleet plants a variety of native trees in permanent forests that help to reduce salinity and soil erosion, provide essential habitat for native wildlife, and provide much needed resilience in our precious landscape.

We've been providing responsible carbon offsets for more than 20 years and we're proud to work with some of Australia and New Zealand's best known brand names along with thousands individuals, schools, councils, NGOs and 370 businesses.


Photo of the canopy of Greenfleet's native forest near Battery Creek, Vic
 Looking up Greenfleet's 15-year old native forest near Battery Creek, Vic
Simple facts about Greenfleet
Australia’s first carbon offset provider - established in 1997
9.2+ million native trees planted in biodiverse forests
3.2+ million tonnes of carbon offsets commited
Supported by thousands of individuals
Servicing some of Australia and New Zealand’s best known brands
Recognised offsets entity under the Carbon Farming Initiative
Authorised corporate representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence holder
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