About Greenfleet

Who we are

Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation on a mission to protect our climate by restoring our forests. 

We plant native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions on behalf of individuals and businesses and help fight the impacts of climate change. Since 1997, we have planted more than 9.4 million native trees across over 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand. 

Greenfleet forests address critical deforestation, capture carbon emissions to protect our climate, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and restore habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species. 

Greenfleet is registered as a charity in Australia and eligible tax-deductible donations to Greenfleet have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

By offsetting your carbon emissions or donating to Greenfleet, you are taking practical climate action. Together, we can grow our forests and grow climate hope. 

Our mission

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit environmental organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests.

We lay the grounds for hope by empowering people to take tangible and long-lasting environmental action. 

Our vision 

Growing hope

Right now, climate change is threatening our environment and the planet. 

Greenfleet is protecting our climate by planting native forests in Australia and New Zealand. We believe that practical action now will reduce the impact caused by climate change in the future. 

We envision a world where every individual, every business and every community feel connected to our climate and are empowered to protect our environment. 

By 2030, our forests will have have grown and multiplied in number, sequestering millions of tonnes of carbon emissions from the atmosphere, conserving biodiversity, improving water quality, reducing soil erosion and providing critical habitat for endangered wildlife. 

We will continue to provide simple ways in which everyone can take climate action, enabling our supporters to donate and offset a wide range of carbon-emitting activities. And we will connect our supporters to a community of climate defenders with the power to transform our world.

Providing leadership and education about the impacts of carbon emissions on our environment will remain a key focus. We will seek and connect with like-minded partners across the not-for-profit sector, corporate, education and government sectors to ensure our goals are achieved. We will clearly demonstrate the environmental and social outcomes of our work through research and collaboration. 

At Greenfleet, we want the next generation to experience the wonders of our forests. And we believe, we can create a better, greener future if we act now. 

Photo of the canopy of Greenfleet's native forest near Battery Creek, Vic
 Looking up Greenfleet's 15-year old native forest near Battery Creek, Vic
Greenfleet at a glance
Leading not-for-profit environmental organisation 
Australia's first carbon offset provider - established in 1997 
Over 9.4 million native trees planted across 500 biodiverse forests
Over 3.4 million tonnes of carbon offsets committed
Supported by thousands of individuals and businesses 
Registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) 
Authorised corporate representative of an Australian Financial Services Licence holder
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