Working Together To Restore Our Landscape

Planting trees deliver benefits for the environment and for people too.

In the space of just four years, bare grazing paddocks in outer Melbourne have re-emerged as an oasis of biodiversity.  With a grant from the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Greenfleet worked with Parks Victoria and the Department of Justice to revegetate 21 hectares of forest in Berwick, Victoria.

But the real story is about community engagement. Not only has the project delivered green infrastructure that the community can enjoy, it’s provided a pathway to help young offenders give back into the community.



Parks Victoria has acquired large amounts of land, particularly since Melbourne’s rapid growth eastward, for the purpose of creating Parklands with significant biodiversity and community values. The property containing the Greenfleet project site has been used for cattle grazing for many years, remaining leaseland for local farmers up until the time of forest establishment.

The site was re-vegetated as part of a grant from the Lord Mayors Biodiversity Fund to return former farmland to its natural, pre-colonial state. It forms part of a broader objective to establish recreational space and a much needed habitat corridor in the sprawling outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.         

This project was also designed to engage the local community with native reforestation. Volunteers from the South East Metropolitan Regional Community Work Programme assisted Greenfleet’s foresters in conducting the planting and gained valuable skills and experience of Australian forestry practices. The project was recognised with the Environmental Sustainability Projects award at the Corrections Victoria – Community Partnership Awards ceremony held at the MCG in late 2013.

This site is just one of many that Greenfleet has revegetated in conjunction with Parks Victoria. The ongoing relationship between the two organisations has seen more than 800 hectares revegetated all across Victoria. 


Location Size

21 ha between Berwick and Beconsfield in Melbourne’s east.

Planting Dates

2011, 2012, 2013


  1. Acacia melanoxylon
  2. Acacia dealbata
  3. Acacia mearnsii
  4. Acaena-novae zelandiae
  5. Dianella revoluta
  6. Dianella tasmanica
  7. Dichondra repens
  8. Carex appressa
  9. Cassinia aculeata
  10. Coprosma quadrifida
  11. Eucalyptus viminalis
  12. Eucalyptus obliqua
  13. Eucalyptus radiata
  14. Eucalyptus fulgens
  15. Eucalyptus ovata
  16. Goodenia ovata
  17. Kunzea ericoides
  18. Lomandra longifolia
  19. Leptospermum continentale
  20. Melaleuca ericoides
  21. Microlaena stipoides
  22. Olearia lirata
  23. Poa ensiformis
  24. Poa labilliardieri
  25. Poa morrisii
  26. Prostanthera lasianthos
  27. Rapanea howittiana
  28. Themeda triandra

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