Thanks to the support of thousands of individuals and organisations, since 1997 Greenfleet has created biodiverse forests around Australia and New Zealand. Explore the interactive map below to discover some of our native revegetation projects.

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Arnups Road, VIC

Protecting & Improving Water Quality In South Gippsland Located in Victoria’s South Gippsland on the lands of the Boon Wurrung people, Arnups Road has been revegetated to protect water quality while also taking climate action....

Battery Creek, VIC

Transforming bare hills into a luxuriant, mature and healthy native forest Greenfleet works with many landholders over an extended period to revegetate vast tracts of land. Battery Creek - a catchment for South Gippsland Water...

Bromfields Road, VIC

Adjoining Lang Lang River in South Gippsland, this project aims to create a considerable biodiversity linkage by connecting to Greenfleet’s establishing forest at Wurneet Laang Laang. This revegetation work will provide critical habitat for the Swift Parrot and Strzelecki Koala. It is also a restoration opportunity for the critically endangered Strzelecki Gum (Eucalyptus strzeleckii), a tree species endemic to this unique area.

Cardinia Creek, VIC

Working Together To Restore Our Landscape Planting trees deliver benefits for the environment and for people too. In the space of just four years, bare grazing paddocks in outer Melbourne have re-emerged as an oasis...

Coopers Crossing, NSW

Building Habitat For The Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater Located near Taylors Flat in NSW, our reforestation efforts at Coopers Crossing will be delivering climate action and extending habitat for the endangered Regent Honeyeater.  In 2020,...

Falls Road, VIC

Reconnecting Landscapes & Building Koala Habitat Located on Boon Wurrung Country in South Gippsland, Victoria, Falls Road is being revegetated to native forest that will help reconnect the landscape and provide wildlife habitat.   Reforestation...

Glendalough, VIC

Bringing sustainable agriculture together with climate action  On Boon Wurrung Country in the rolling hills of South Gippsland, you’ll find our revegetation project at Glendalough. With parts of the property being utilised for farming, this...

Harmony Way, VIC

Located in Central Victoria, this site was previously cleared for grazing. Across this property, Greenfleet will be restoring Low Rise Grassy Woodland, a vegetation community listed as vulnerable. While delivering climate action, this forest will build and extend habitat for species such as the Squirrel Glider, Regent Honeyeater and Brush-tailed Phascogale.

Johanna, VIC

14,000 More Trees Planted On The Great Ocean Road Located in the scenic region of the Great Ocean Road and bordering the Great Otway National Park, a private property is getting a makeover after decades...

Jumbuk, VIC

Located in Gippsland on the lands of the Kurnai people, the project at Jumbuk will see the restoration of habitat for koalas and the White-throated Needletail, a bird classified as vulnerable in the state. Other species that will benefit from this revegetation work include the Long-nosed Bandicoot, Gang-gang Cockatoo, and the Greater Glider which is classified as endangered.   

Kara Kara, VIC

Between 2015 and 2016, Greenfleet planted approximately 91 kilograms of locally native seeds in the soil to give nature a helping hand.

Ledcourt, VIC

This site is adjacent to the northern part of the Grampians National Park in Victoria. Previously cleared for sheep and cattle grazing, it is being restored to protected native forest. With some remnant native vegetation already present on the site, Greenfleet will work to restore the cleared areas and bolster the existing ecosystems with ground cover species.    

Lyrebird, VIC

Located in Boolarra South, this property will build on Greenfleet’s work in the Gippsland region. Previously cleared for grazing, this property will be revegetated to deliver climate action and create wildlife habitat. Species that will benefit from this work include koalas, the Swift Parrot, Gang-gang Cockatoo, and Greater Glider, an endangered species that has been heavily impacted by land clearing. 

Murray Darling Rescue, NSW

Large Revegetation Project With Scouts Australia The Murray-Darling Basin is the catchment for the Murray and Darling Rivers and their many tributaries.  It extends across one-seventh of the Australian landmass and has a population of...

Myamyn Wetland, VIC

Building Ecological Robustness Myamyn Wetland is located near Hamilton in Western Victoria. Close to the ‘Green Triangle’, this Greenfleet forest borders a wetland, serving as an important extension of this threatened ecosystem. In 2020, we...

Nardoo Hills, VIC

A Ground Breaking Partnership Greenfleet has joined forces with Bush Heritage Australia on an innovative climate-ready revegetation project at Nardoo Hills Reserve in central Victoria.    The project is designed to protect and restore temperate woodlands - the...

Ness Creek, VIC

Ness Creek is situated in Victoria’s South Gippsland on land traditionally owned by the Boon Wurrung people. Originally cleared for cattle and sheep grazing in the early 20th century, it is now home to a productive free-range egg farm, Glorious Googies, and a native Greenfleet forest.

Ngulambarra, VIC

Building critical habitat links and restoring Country Ngulambarra is located on Dja Dja Wurrung Country, north of Wedderburn in Central Victoria. It is a 340-hectare property located in an area previously cleared and heavily degraded...

Strzelecki Nature Link, VIC

Greenfleet has been restoring legally protected native forests in South Gippsland for over 20 years. Focused on delivering climate action and protecting native biodiversity, our work is making a significant contribution to the region’s environment.  

Sunday Morning Hills, VIC

Greenfleet has completed revegetation work twice at Sunday Morning Hills. In 2014, we planted more than 120,000 native trees on the property. The motivation of this original project was conservation with broad scale restoration taking...

Tarwin Lower, VIC

Building on Greenfleet’s work in the Gippsland region, this revegetation project will extend habitat for a confirmed population of koalas on the property. Situated on land traditionally owned by the Boon Wurrung people, this region is also home to wombats and Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  

The New Forest, VIC

Restoring Native Forest Near Hanging Rock The New Forest sits in the plains near the base of Hanging Rock. Originally cleared for sheep grazing, Andrew and Michelle had other dreams when they moved to the...

Whitehurst, VIC

Whitehurst is located on Boon Wurrung Country in South Gippsland, Victoria. Greenfleet revegetated this property between 2015 and 2021 to restore critical wildlife habitat, reduce erosion and deliver climate action.

Wood, VIC

Stretching along the south coast of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is one of the World's most scenic coastal roads, boasting picturesque scenery.

Wurneet Laang Laang, VIC

'Wurneet Laang Laang' is nestled in the hills of South Gippsland just 1.5 hours from Melbourne. Located on land traditionally owned by the Boon Wurrung people, we are working to restore this property to what it was...