Koala conservation

Help protect our precious koalas

It is estimated that more than 61,000 koalas were directly affected by Australia’s 'Black Summer’ bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020.

This impact on our already vulnerable wildlife is devastating, and a NSW parliamentary inquiry has found koalas will become extinct by 2050 without action to save their habitat.

Greenfleet has been creating sustainable, protected habitat for koalas and other threatened wildlife for almost quarter of a century. Our native ecosystem restoration is distinct because our forests are legally protected for up to 100 years, which ensures koala populations can re-establish and endure for generations to come.

Our forest at Wurneet Laang Laang in Victoria saw Stzrezlecki Koalas returning to the area within three years.

At Koala Crossing we have planted over 98,000 trees on the largest remaining continuous stretch of open eucalypt forest in South East Queensland, where koala populations are now increasing in both abundance and density.

Find out how you can support koala conservation with Greenfleet, including:
  • Creating koala habitat in the Byron Hinterland in NSW at Anam Talamh
  • Improving connectivity between existing koala populations on the floodplain of the Wilson River at Greentrees in Northern NSW
  • Increasing biodiversity and koala habitat in partnership with Queensland Trust for Nature at Aroona in QLD
  • Restoring property cleared a century ago at Ness Creek in Gippsland, VIC
  • Planting native species that will provide prime koala food and tree diversity at Dangerbridge in QLD.
Donate today and support critical koala conservation.
  • $10 plants one native tree, providing food for koalas
  • $50 plants 5 native trees, protected up to 100 years
  • $100 helps restore koala habitat  

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Koala crossing before & after
Our forest Koala Crossing in Queensland over 5 years.