Yes, I want to offset my carbon emissions

CarbonCover 365

For $1 a day CarbonCover 365 will offset the average amount of carbon emitted by each person in a year in Australia (20.3 tonnes of CO2-e).

$ 365.00
CarbonCover Monthly

CarbonCover Monthly offsets your average emissions with monthly recurring payments.

$ 30.42

Offset with Greenfleet to take practical action against climate change

Right now, climate change is threatening our environment and the planet.

When you offset your carbon emissions with Greenfleet, you are donating to plant legally protected native forests which reduce the impacts of climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere.  These forests also improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for koalas and other native and endangered wildlife.

You can offset your car, flights, work or household emissions.  If you want to cover your total carbon footprint in one easy step, CarbonCover will offset 20.3 tonnes of carbon, the average annual emissions for each person in Australia. Choose our annual offset CarbonCover 365, or CarbonCover Monthly, a recurring monthly subscription. 

If you need bespoke offsetting designed especially for your business, please get in touch with our Partnerships team

By offsetting with Greenfleet, you are growing hope for our climate and the environment.

Greenfleet is a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation, so donations and offsets of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Thank you for supporting Greenfleet. If you need assistance with your offset, please contact us here.