Upcoming projects


In partnership with Queensland Trust for Nature,  our revegetation of this site aims to increase habitat for many native species including Koalas, Glossy Black Cockatoos and Brush-tailed Wallabies.  

Arnups Road

The Arnups Road project aims to restore depleted Damp Forest and Wet Forest ecological vegetation communities within the Gippsland Plain bioregion and restore habitat for Koalas and the critically endangered Swift Parrot.

Cape Kitchen Hot Springs 

Located adjacent to the iconic Phillip Island Nature Park, the Cape Kitchen Project aims to restore threatened and vulnerable ecological communities. It will also create habitat for the Eastern Barred bandicoot, which was recently re-introduced to Phillip Island Nature Parks.   

Corymbia Farm

West Gippsland is home to the endangered Giant Gippsland Earthworm, which is found nowhere else in the world. This project is protecting its habitat, taking climate action and helping prevent landslides. 


By re-establishing the original ecosystem across the remainder of the property, this project located in Queensland will provide further habitat for the recovering koala population, providing excellent prime koala food and tree diversity. 

Falls Road 

The Falls Road project aims to restore the depleted Damp Forest and Wet Forest ecological vegetation communities within the Gippsland Plain bioregion. It will also restore habitat for Koalas and the critically endangered Swift Parrot.          


Greenfleet is establishing a forest on the floodplain of the Wilson River in NSW where there has been extensive land clearing. The project will improve connectivity between existing koala populations on the Pelican Flood Reserve and an adjoining quarry Koala Reserve.       

Ness Creek

Located in South Gippsland Victoria on land traditionally owned by the Boonwurrung people, this property is being revegetated after being used for farming for many years. Our work will improve water quality in the neighbouring reservoir and increase the property’s overall biodiversity. 


Neimuroo is located near Moulamein NSW. Through our reforestation efforts at this site in 2021, Greenfleet aims to reinstate natural floodplain dynamics of the Niemur River and Middle Creek, increasing natural regeneration, soil fertility and ephemeral wetland function.

The Pines  

Our restoration of The Pines in NSW aims to create a vegetation and wildlife habitat corridor to link Kosciuszko National Park in the east with Woomargama National Park in the west. Many threatened species can be found in the region including the Yellow-bellied Glider, Tiger Quoll and Masked Owl.