Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project

Upper Stony Creek will become a new corridor of urban greenery in Melbourne’s west driven by a consortium including Greenfleet. Over one kilometre of the creek, currently concrete-lined, will be transformed into a mix of vibrant community space, wetlands and natural revegetation. It is a major urban reforestation project that will improve open space, as well as water and air quality.

Together with Brimbank City Council, City West Water, Melbourne Water, the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, Development Victoria and the Australian Government, we will re-naturalise a 1.2km section of the Upper Stony Creek in Sunshine North, Victoria - transforming it from the existing concrete drainage channel to a more natural state.

Located only 15 km west of the Melbourne CBD, this award-winning project will create a natural open space for the community, restore habitat for native wildlife, help tackle climate change and improve health and wellbeing for residents.

“It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.”
~ Dr Seuss

The Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project is a brilliant example of how cooperation between governments and government authorities, local councils, environmental and community groups can create a greener future for our cities and towns. It demonstrates how practical approaches to greening our cities can address climate change and deliver both environmental and local health benefits.

Greenfleet CEO, Wayne Wescott, says “Urban forestry projects such as the Upper Stony Creek in Sunshine North will cool and heal our cities – a key step in climate action that will have multiple benefits for the rest of the century.”


  • Thousands of biodiverse, native trees to be planted
  • 8.8 ha of waste land transformed back into a green oasis - grey space to green space
  • 1.2-km section of Upper Stony Creek, between Furlong Road and Gilmour Road in Sunshine North
  • Received the Excellence in Strategic and Master Planning Award at the Stormwater Victoria Awards for Excellence, 2016



Assessment photos of Upeer Stony Creek in 2016       Assessment photos of Upeer Stony Creek in 2016       Assessment photos of Upeer Stony Creek in 2016
Photos of Upper Stony Creek taken in 2016

Project map