Reforestation Project In Partnership With Parks Victoria

It's hard to imagine what this place looked like a few decades ago.

The area was originally owned by the state coal mine and used to rest the pit ponies. The mine closed down and the site was subsequently leased for cattle grazing which led to heavy degradation of the land, destruction of the original vegetation and loss of native habitat.

Nowadays, it is now a thriving wetland buzzing with native wildlife.

In 2005, Greenfleet worked with Parks Victoria to revegetate the area with a native, biodiverse forest.The aim was to restore the land and provide much-needed habitat for the native fauna. Over 6 years, Greenfleet planted nearly 33,000 native trees around the lake and marshes.

Today, the forest is growing fantastically. Many trees are flowering and bird life is very rich. Bird hides are dotted across the reserve for people to quietly observe the many different species of birds that occupy and visit the site.

The tree cover has also been very beneficial to ground dwelling animals, such as lizards and frogs. The cover protects them from predators and harbours a large number of insects to feed on.

The forest is also home to swamp antechinus, swamp wallabies, common brushtail possums, ringtail possums and echidnas.

This is another great example of how carbon offset donations help to transform the land back to native forests. Not only the forests Greenfleet plants will absorb carbon from the atmosphere, they also provide vital environmental benefits such as habitat for wildlife, conservation of native species and land restoration.

Location Size

17 ha Wonthaggi in South Gippsland, Vic

Planting Dates

Every year between 2005 and 2011


  1. Acacia sophorae
  2. Acacia melanoxylon
  3. Acacia verticillata
  4. Acacia sueveolens
  5. Acacia myrtifolia
  6. Acacia stricta
  7. Acacia paradoxa
  8. Allocasuarina paluadosa
  9. Allocasuarina verticillata
  10. Banksia integrifolia
  11. Banksia marginata
  12. Bursaria spinosa
  13. Cassinia arculeata
  14. Eucalyptus ovata
  15. Eucalyptus radiata
  16. Eucalyptus obliqua
  17. Eucalyptus viminalis ssp pryoriana
  18. Goodenia ovata
  19. Hakea nodosa
  20. Leptospermum continentale
  21. Leptospermum lanigerium
  22. Leptospermum myrtifolium
  23. Melaleuca ericafolia
  24. Melaleuca squarrosa
  25. Ozothamnus ferrigeneous
  26. Olearia ramulosa
  27. Indigo australis
  28. Viminaria juncea

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