In today’s world, many people are looking to celebrate remarkable events in a meaningful and sustainable way. 

In 2020, Greenfleet introduced a unique way for people to not only plant a tree, but to grow a native forest to commemorate special occasions. The establishment of a ‘Milestone Forest’ serves to make a significant impact towards protecting our environment while celebrate the most important moments in our lives. These forests help restore biodiverse ecosystems and re-connect habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species.

The forest you establish in honour of a loved one will be legally protected for 100 years allowing it to grow into a self-sustaining ecosystem that will thrive beyond this century. 

Restoring Ngulambarra

With Milestone Forests, Greenfleet has celebrated more than 20 significant moments in the lives of our supporters which has helped revegetate many hectares of land on our site called Ngulambarra in Central Victoria.

This property is located on the lands of the Dja Dja Wurrung people and forms part of the Wychitella Biolink. By restoring this previously cleared landscape with native trees and grasses we are creating vegetation links and building habitat for many of the local wildlife species. Some of the wildlife known to the area are Lace Monitors, Quolls, the Vulnerable Mallee Fowl, and many other native bird species.

Greenfleet’s Revegetation Team monitors the growth of the forest as well as the return of wildlife to the area. Updates on how a supporter’s forest is growing are communicated to them or their families each year marking the anniversary of their special event.

Meet Baby Clancy

Greenfleet supporters have established Milestone Forests for a variety of heartfelt reasons such as wedding gift registries, birthday presents, in memory of a loved one or celebrating new life. 

Small baby holds eucalypt leaf

In 2022, parents Belinda and Emily celebrated the birth of their son Clancy by establishing a Milestone Forest in his name. They were kind enough to share this photo of baby Clancy, who is a nature lover already! Mum Belinda said, “It is a wonderful way for our child to remember that these trees are growing alongside them.”

As Clancy celebrates his birthday in the following years, the family will receive communications from Greenfleet commemorating the anniversary of the native forest that is growing as he does. 

An investment in a Milestone Forest offers an opportunity to celebrate life events in an everlasting and sustainable way. It provides long-lasting ecological benefits to Australian landscapes.

You can find out more about Milestone Forests by clicking here or contacting our team.

Together, we can grow our forests and grow climate hope.  

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